Auto Industry News: Hybrid Ferrari SPIED, Tesla Recall Spells Trouble, New York Auto Show Highlights, & More

In this week’s auto industry news, Tesla takes a big slap amid massive recall. The 2018 New York Auto Show teases enthusiasts with new eye candy. We meet the hybrid Ferrari that runs silent and then take a trip around the circuit. 

Tesla Recall, Can’t Catch Break

As spring finally begins to blossom, the Tesla snowball appears to keep on rollin’. We’ve already been warned of the baseline Model 3 delays (repeatedly). And because of this, Tesla’s stock fell by one-third of its value in recent weeks. That’s bad enough. But now it appears the Model S, the company’s poster child, faces a massive recall. Corroding bolts that could lead to the loss of power steering has forced the company to fix 123,000 of them. That’s almost half of all the vehicles the company has produced so far, for those keeping score at home. And according to Time, the slide cost Elon Musk 17% of his net worth in the last month. Not to mention a filed complaint for alleged worker rights violations. Yikes.

Silent Running Ferrari

When you think of a Ferrari, you think of the horse emblem. You think of a stampede thundering through the street, shaking the windows of the surrounding city. But now, think less horse, and more… church mouse. Video has surfaced showing what Motor Authority calls “a likely mule” for Ferrari’s new hybrid powertrain testing at the automaker’s Fioarno circuit. Ferrari has indeed confirmed a new hybrid powertrain for launch around 2019, the company’s rumored SUV is one of the predicted benefactors for such a drivetrain. According to Ferrari Chairman Sergio Marchionne, Ferrari’s power will not suffer as there will be combination of V-8 and electric power. The V-12, however, may get boxed out in the process of switching over. A hybrid Ferrari – who would have thought?

New York Auto Show

Automakers are gradually starting to show their poker hands as the summer show season approaches. The New York Auto Show was no different and had plenty of innovation, starring the new Toyota RAV4. Y’all already know the RAV4 intimately because it’s still the most popular vehicle that isn’t a pickup truck. One of the most respected crossovers in the game, the 2019 model takes a turn from the previous year… and runs with it.

Another big happening in NY was the official announcement of the Ford Mustang Bullitt specs. It has been confirmed that the film-inspired muscle car costs $12,000 more than a Mustang GT. Also, it will have a 480-horsepower, 420-pound-foot, 5.0-liter V8 engine. These figures run close to what was predicted, but it won’t make Ford heads any less excited.

The Bugatti Chiron Sport also made its debut in the states. The $3.26 million rocket car gets 1,500 horsepower from its 16-cylinder quad-turbocharged engine and has a reported top speed of 261 mph. It will be available at the end of the year. Ya know, if you’ve got that lying around.

NY also rolled out the red carpet for the all new Subaru Forester. From what we can tell, the Forester comes wrapped in the same skin, but with new specs. Specifically 182-horsepower, 2.5-liter, 4-cylinder engine (upping the hp ante by 10 from last year). It also features stop-start technology and continuously variable transmission. Subie lovers will be thrilled. Then again, when does Subaru ever disappoint?

’01 Forester Build and Engine Swap

Speaking of Subarus, “The Wandering Foz” is the passion project of Jeremiah Stewart in Alaska. He found a silver 2001 Subaru Forester in need of some TLC, and thought it to be the perfect vehicle for him to slam and slide around the tundra. To ensure that it could hack it in the final frontier, climbing all sorts of terrain, Jeremiah put in 3″ Anderson Design & Fab subframe spacers, and decided to go with 14” Swift springs because of their ability to withstand full compression that would like occur during his excursions. Then, he ingeniously put 30 x 9.5 R15 Cooper Discoverer STT tires on PT Cruiser Steelies with 25mm spacers. Take a look at the beauty he plans to road trip from Fairbanks to Ontario!

Around the Circuit

Here’s a story that’ll make you want to put more hours in behind the wheel. Former Formula 1 test driver Ma Qing Hua is set to make his Rallycross debut and kick up some dirt in Barcelona. He also test drove for Formula E, but those days are over now that he’s proven himself. Ma Quing Hua is the first ever Chinese driver to win a FIA World Championship Race.

Last week, thanks to some truly whacky inclement weather, the NASCAR Monster Energy Series event at Martinsville was postponed until Monday. Here are the results and current overall standings. Truck results too!

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