Meet the New BOSS; Atturo’s New Extreme Mud Terrain Tire is the BOSS of the trail

The saying “the only way out is through” can be traced back to Shakepeare’s Macbeth, Robert Frost, and in modern society, Alanis Morissette and the rock band Bush.  This saying is quite literally true when related to off-roading, a pastime with a fun quotient that is directly related to one’s depth in, well,.. the bush (Sorry Gavin).   When off-roading the best way to get through the deep stuff, is to just press on, and your best friend in those moments is a quality, big mud terrain tire.  Enter, the Trail Blade BOSS from Atturo.

The Trail Blade BOSS is our exciting new addition to the Trail Blade family of off-road tires.  The oversized sidewall and tread design are engineered for hardcore mud, sand and rock abuse.  The market reception at SEMA and other events has been outstanding.  There is a big demand for a more modern design in the large sizes targeted by the BOSS size range.”     – Joe Gomez, Marketing Manager @ Atturo Tire

The Trail Blade BOSS is the fourth offering in the Atturo’s Trail Blade Series, and reigns supreme as the biggest and baddest of the bunch.  The BOSS starts at 37″ and is currently available in a 37×12.50R17.  Atturo plans to have additional 37, 38 and 40″ sizes available by late summer.  The BOSS’ intimidating tread design is patterned after the Quartermaster QSA-1 BOSS HOG knife.  Like it’s namesake, the Trail Blade BOSS is ready for heavy-duty hardcore use.

Mud Terrain Tire Trail Blade BOSS


If your ride sees more Macadam than mud, Atturo has a full line of light truck and SUV tires. Recently Atturo’s National Sales Director was kind enough to take us through the entire line.  You can see that post and video by following this link.



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