WATCH THIS: 40s On A JL – Skyjacker JL Dual Rate JL Lift Kits

In the world of off-road vehicles, there’s not much prettier than an Unlimited (4Dr) Jeep® Wrangler on 40″ tires. FCA’s newest Wrangler, the 2018 JL is the most capable “Jeep” vehicle ever made. Skyjacker’s new JL Lift Kits can take the JL’s Trail Rated factor to a whole new level.

Dual-Rate Long Travel JL Lift Kits

All Skyjacker systems for the Wrangler JL Rubicon (and many non-RubIcon models) feature dual-rate long travel coil springs to ensure superb highway ride quality and performance on rough terrain. Like the OE coil springs, the included springs have two spring rates. The 1st rate offers an exceptional highway ride and yet the coils will expand while off-roading.  During extreme articulation, it is important to keep the tires in contact with the ground and keep the coil in the coil bucket at full droop. The 2nd rate only engages after compression past the 1st rate and allows consistent control and stability when heavy off-road suspension movement is required.

Skyjakcker offers JL Lift kits for any JL Wrangler, with lifted heights from 1-4″. Regardless of how “Trail Rated” you want to be, Skyjacker has a kit for your JL. Talk to your local 4×4 shop to find the right kit for your needs! The Kit shown here, is JL40RBPMLT, a 3.5-4″ kit with Skyjakcer’s M95 Monotube shocks.  oIIIIIII0

JL LIft Kits


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