Wheel Trends: More Color, Please

Wheel trends are finicky. Quite literally, what’s all the rave today can be gone tomorrow. But a trend that has continued to grow in the aftermarket wheel industry is the expansion of color options. And it’s not just black or chrome anymore. We continue to see everything from understated metallic tones to loud and brash candy-colored choices. One trip around the wheel and tire section at SEMA, or any other larger aftermarket show, and it’s confirmed: color is here in a big way and arguably, here to stay.

What began in the import performance/sport compact side of the automotive aftermarket has trickled its way into the truck and off-road segments. If you don’t have a shop nearby that specializes in wheel trends, specifically custom color finishing and coating, then consider aftermarket suppliers like Plasti-Dip and Dupli-Color.

Spray-On Solution

As far as wheel trends are concerned, the spray-on/peel-off rattle can solutions have soared in popularity. It’s a simple remedy; and it allows consumers to change the color of their wheels as frequently as they change their oil. Do a little digging and you’ll uncover these products have a cult-like following with message boards and YouTube channels devoted solely to the craft. Some don’t just stop at the wheels either; entire vehicles coated with the spray are becoming more and more common.

Wheel Inserts

In addition to offering colored models, wheel manufacturers are offering colored inserts that screw right on top of the wheel. Case in point, the NEW Rockstar 3 (RS3) wheels from KMC. They come in a standard matte black finish, but are crafted to be customized with an optional colored ring, mid-spoke and split-spoke inserts. These are a great add-on accessory that can quickly and drastically change the look of a vehicle. KMC has an insert that can certainly match the look any consumer desires. Go ahead and pick from popular colors like black, blue, red, white, orange, yellow and green.

Grid Off Road also produces a similar offering; their GD Line of wheels can be fitted with optional directional inserts that come in chrome, black, carbon fiber or a number of vibrant colors. No doubt, these bad boys scream personality and will definitely turn some heads.

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