Wet and Wild – Auto Meter Extreme Environment Waterproof Gauges

Years ago, things were simple. We had sports. Just, plain old sports. Nowadays (does anyone say “nowadays” nowadays?) we have “extreme” sports.  When we were kids, we played games. Today’s kids play X Games.  Apparently adding the possibility of death or dismemberment kicks up the rush felt during competition.  If pushing your adventures to the extreme is your idea of fun, then perhaps the new Auto Meter Extreme Environment waterproof gauges are tough enough to hang with you.

When it comes to replacement anything, the replacement has got to perform better than the original. Auto Meter has set the industry standard for fast, accurate gauges.  No other company can match the combination of Auto Meter performance and niche-specific styling and features.  The new Extreme Environment waterproof gauges continue that tradition.

Indecent Exposure

ATVs, UTVs, Quads and off-road vehicles are designed to tackle tough terrain. Part of the allure of running a trail is being able to do it in an open-cockpit vehicle.  All that exposure can wreak havoc on delicate electronics. Damage your radio and you’ll be without tunes. Damage your water temperature gauge and you risk overheating in places you’d rather not be stuck.

Extreme Environment waterproof gauges are sealed front and rear for the ultimate protection against water ingress.

Color Me Bad

When you’re running a narrow trail or climbing an obstacle, diverting your attention for too long can be costly.  To give operators the information they need as fast as possible, Auto Meter allows for preset warning points.  If you cross into dangerous levels, the entire gauge backlight will turn from white to red. With Extreme Environment gauges, one need not be a rocket scientist to know when trouble looms.

Shed Whilst Shredding

Weight is always important when it comes to speed and performance.  Extreme Environment series gauges weigh 70% less than traditional gauges. This reduction helps you conserve fuel and compete at the highest level.

Below you’ll find a listing of Extreme Environment waterproof gauges currently available.  Tow the line between maximum performance and costly failures of essential systems.

Part No. 9255 – 2-1/16” Water Temp

Part No. 9240 – 2-1/16” Oil Temp

Part No. 9261  – 2-1/16” 15 PSI Fuel Pressure

Part No. 9253 – 2-1/16” Oil Pressure

Feature Points

  • Waterproof Design – Sealed front and rear for protection against the elements in exposed cockpits
  • 6 pin DTM connector at gauge makes for a sealed connection
  • Ultra light weight construction – 70% Lighter than Pro-Comp Liquid Filled 2-5/8” gauges, 60% lighter than Ultra-Lite 2-5/8” Mechanical, 25% lighter than Spek, 10% less than Elite
  • LED lighting with pre-set full dial warning with solid and blink transitions
  • External momentary switch for control of brightness and peak recall
  • Stepper motor design with unique multi-scale dial derived from NASCAR tech for optimized resolution and accuracy in critical operating range
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