Vehicle Spotlight: 2018 Ford Expedition

Ford is back at it again, playing the role of “Innovator”. A role that seems unnecessary when your company’s product is already parked on every street, and your name is intrinsically linked to American culture. It must be tempting for Ford to simply maintain the same timeworn formula of producing vehicles that continue to collect awards and the approval of a rabid fan base. After all, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, right? Granted, these metrics certainly apply to the Ford truck line, but the need for change has bled through to other Ford projects. For example, the Ranger is stepping back into the game, the Bronco is on its way, and the Explorer is much improved. Now it’s time to address the elephant in the room: the 2018 Ford Expedition.

Big Fish in a Small Pond

Yes, to some, this is a crucial, unavoidable talking point of the Ford brand, but we say “elephant,” because this vehicle is quite literally friggin’ huge. At 210 inches long (4” longer than last year) and 122.5 inches at its wheelbase, the 2018 Ford Expedition is actually only a half foot shorter than an actual Asian elephant. But size has always mattered in terms of the Expedition, as it’s been Ford’s main competitor against the likes of the Suburban, Tahoe, and Escalade in the strictly business category.

However, it’s not just what’s on the outside that counts. Inside, the 2018 Ford Expedition can really pack it in. With a capacity for eight passengers, the full-sized SUV ensures that folks in the back seat no longer have to live like squished peasants. It offers best-in-class second and third row leg room, innovative cargo storage, available leather-trimmed and heated middle row bucket seats, a twin panel moonroof, and enough tech to make NASA raise an eyebrow. Calling shotgun may just become a thing of the past.

Lighter Weight, Heavy Power

But the 2018 Ford Expedition has seen even more significant changes that may set it apart from competitors. For starts, it has greatly improved its fuel mileage. It now gets 17 and 24 mpg city and highway respectively. This is a big step up from 2017’s 15/21 mark. The model also employs an aluminum body, which is new for the badge, and it follows the path of its F-150 sibling. By doing this, the Expedition shed 238 lbs. How ‘bout that beach body? Lighter weight, but without sacrificing any major performance.

And speaking of performance, the Expedition is more of a hulk than it was last year. The 3.5-liter EcoBoost turbocharged V-6 has upped the ante big time. This year’s engine produces 375 horsepower and generates 470 lb-ft of torque. While this is the case for most of the Expedition’s trims and puts it on par with the F-150 yet again, the behemoth doesn’t stop there. The Platinum trim cranks out 400 horsepower and 480 lb-ft of torque. So, not only does the Expedition hang with previously mentioned contemporaries in term of class and style, but it’s making its presence known when it comes to moving big stuff—like 9,300 lbs of big stuff. In fact, when equipped with the HD Trailer Tow Package, the Expedition gets a best-in-class towing capacity.

Limitations Spur Creativity

Like we said, and as anyone not residing under a rock should know by now, the Expedition is a “yuge” success. But the 2018 Ford Expedition is clearly so much more than that. The 460-mile range from the EcoBoost indicates yet another leap by a notable SUV into the eco-conscious realm. The added performance in the face of a lighter build dazzles and meets the bar within its category. And as consumers, we’re pretty glad about such a massive facelift. Rather than tweaking it with insignificant specs or adding a bogus trim, they’ve made tactical changes all across the board. For once, in that rare instance, the price tag (starting at $51,695) looks justified and ready for market action. In 2018, Ford has yet again placed the ball in others’ courts.

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