VanGuard Wall Liner Kits For Ford Transit

I’m a child of the 80s.  My misspent youth found me at the local bowling alley on weekends, hanging out playing video games.  When I hear the word Vanguard, I think of piloting a pizza-shaped advanced warship through a cave within an asteroid.  I later learned that the word itself is synonymous with leadership, being on the front line of innovation.  When PendaForm chose VanGuard as the name for their cargo van wall liners, it was more than just a play on words.  Recently PendaForm released VanGuard wall liner kits for Ford Transit vans.  Read on for information about the new offerings for the current Transit platform and the line in general.

Protection Perfection

If you’ve ever tried to stand on an airport tram or public bus without holding the overhead rail, you know loose cargo in a van feels like.  PendaForm designed VanGaurd Wall Liners to provide maximum protection for cargo van interior walls.  Constructed of high density poly-ethylene, the panels fend off dents, scratches, gouges and chemical spills. VanGuard Wall Liners are commercial grade, made for commercial trade.

Warm Fuzzies

Is your cargo van giving you the cold shoulder? Order VanGuard Wall Liner Kits for Ford Transit, and all other cargo vans, with an insulation factor of 4.2. Antimicrobial material is precisely molded to the panel. The insulation keeps the interior temperature more constant and greatly reduces noise.  If you work out of your van, it’s like getting upgraded from a cubicle to a private office.

Transit Authority

Ford’s new Transit platform launched in the 2015 model year.  The following VanGuard Wall Liner Kits for Ford Transit will fit all 2015 and newer Transit vans. They are application specific by wheelbase and roof height.

VanGuard Wall Liner Kits For Ford Transit

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