Top Truck Shows Worth Watching Part II

A few months ago we broke down some of TV’s hottest truck shows. Now we’re back with the final six on our list just in time for the holidays. So when you’re full of turkey and your TV lineup becomes overwhelmed with low-budget family Christmas movies, you can rest assured that at least one of these truck shows will entertain and keep you sane.

8. Counting Cars

Counting Cars airs Wednesdays at 10pm on the History Channel. It’s a spin-off of the network’s show Pawn Stars. The show follows “Count” Danny Kroker of the restoration and customization garage Count’s Kustoms as he buys and flips classic rides. While the show gives off a pretty strong scripted-reality vibe, it still features a wide variety of vehicles in an entertaining Vegas setting. Kroker and his team seem willing to take on any challenge regardless of make or model. And they work fast to make a profit. As he says “We find ‘em, fix ‘em, flip ‘em and sometimes, I keep ‘em. For my crew, every job is high stakes, and we can’t afford to lose.”

9. Unique Rides

A reboot of the show Unique Whips, Unique Rides follows Will Castro and his Long Island crew Team Unique. They restyle, modify and customize the cars of the rich and famous. While most of the vehicles featured are well outside the fantasy budgets of the average Joe, the craftsmanship and ingenuity as well as drama surrounding demanding clients are still fun to watch. Viewers without stuffed bank accounts should get a kick out of Season 2, Episode 3. In it, well-known reporter Geraldo Rivera brings in his incredibly beat up 2004 Toyota Tacoma for some TLC.

10. FantomWorks

Airing on Discovery’s Velocity network, FantomWorks features host Dan Short and his team at his shop in Norfolk, Virginia. Combining Dan’s love for classic rides with his military background, he aims to run his shop with precision, efficiency and quality engineering and craftsmanship. Viewers will enjoy the first season’s 1951 Studebaker truck challenge and a Season 2 rebuild of a 1963 Chevy C10 pickup.

11. Garage Squad

A DIY-themed automotive show, Garage Squad stands out for its commitment to featuring regular people and their pet projects. The show takes submissions from owners who have hit some roadblocks on their restoration projects. (As well as some family members who are fed up with half-finished vehicles taking up space in the garage.) When a nomination is selected, the team shows up and helps to overhaul and finish the project so it can live out its full potential on the open road. And viewers don’t just learn from the crew’s expertise. The owner is expected to roll up their sleeves and contribute as well. The show airs on Discovery’s Velocity every Wednesday at 10pm. It also boasts two previous seasons that feature a variety of rides including several vintage trucks.

12. Inside West Coast Customs

This truck show is another baby of the Discovery Channel (seeing a trend here yet?). Inside West Coast Customs focuses on the unique customizations the show’s host and shop’s founder Ryan Friedlinghaus tackles with his team of engineers and craftsmen. Most builds are tricked out for celebrity clientele, but the crew also takes on some giveaways and fun pet projects. Check out the truck mods they did for now-deceased motocross rider Jeff “Ox” Kargola in Season 1, Also worth a watch is the Season 2 episode where they modify a Toyota Tundra into the “ultimate motocross support vehicle.”

13. Misfit Garage

Yet another Discovery Channel reality show, Misfit Garage features two mechanics who were fired from Gas Monkey Garage and the show Fast N’ Loud. This spin-off follows their new company Fired Up Garage as they try to rival their former boss and prove that they, too, can run a successful business. Viewers will enjoy watching them rebuild a beat-up old 1961 Ford Econoline pickup that they then try to sell to actor Danny Trejo in Season 2.

What do you think? Did we forget any gems? Let us know in the comments what your favorite truck shows are!

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