Trifecta 2.0… Bringing Sexy Back

When it comes to soft-folding truck bed covers, Extang’s Trifecta tri-folding cover set the standard in the industry. Much like the fashion supermodels of days past, the Trifecta 2.0 shows how having a little work done on your look, bolstered strength and smarts can keep you at the top of the game.

Trifecta 2.0 has softer curves and smoother lines because of the new way it’s skin (leather grained fabric) is tucked. Newly designed MAX hinges combined with an aircraft-grade aluminum frame make the 2.0 more than just a pretty face.

The 2.0’s I.Q. jumped a few points as well, with intelligently designed new Jaw-Grip Clamps and EZ-Lock Clamps to secure the cover tightly and easily without damage to your truck.

Smarter. Stronger. Sexier. And from what we hear, she’s available. We can get digits for you, if you’re interested…

Features we are digging

  • All in the looks – sleek, clean design, leather grained fabric, low profile appearance
  • Easy to install and use – Extang claims it could be done in a seconds.  Yeah, seconds!
  • Lifetime warranty
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