TrailFX Fender Flares

Whether you’re a hardcore mud-hound or just posing to be one, every Jeeper’s first goal is widely the same.  Those stock tires just need to go!  While suspension upgrades can do wonders for ground clearance, don’t overlook another space saver.  Factory fenders intrude into your wheel wells, eating up precious usable space.  Why not go ahead and free up some real estate on your Jeep? TrailFX has a durable and stylish solution to do just that.  If you can’t get your foot in those new shoes, why not remove the paper from the toes first?

More space than your current apartment


Don’t believe us that fenders are a major space eater?  Just take a look at what Fab Fours did with the stock suspension of a Super Duty.  Yep, they cleared 40″ tires, just with a bit of spring cleaning around its shoulders.  Now that we’ve got your attention let’s turn to your Jeep.  Maybe you’re not planning on cramming 40s underneath your Wrangler, but an aggressive set of 33s or 35s will do wonders for off-road performance.  TrailFX’s NEW metal fender flares will give ’em space to breathe while still providing the proper protection against road debris. And since taking power tools to your ride is enough to cause anxiety in anyone, these flares use existing holes and keep the drilling to a bare minimum.  1.5″ tubing ensures that your flares can take a beating in most any condition–trail or tarmac.  Pair them with the pictured TrailFX tube doors for the ultimate open-air experience.


• Front flares extend 7.5”, Rear flares extend 5.5” for additional protection
• Black powder coat finish
• Custom gasket included
• Limited 3-year warranty

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