Surco Safari Rack – Take It All With You

Wether you’re loading a clan of 5 in the family truckster for a trip down the shore, or boondocking with buddies in the backwoods, you’ve got a lot of gear to manage. Rooftop cargo racks help make it possible to take our creature comforts along for the ride. Manufactured exclusively in the USA since 1971, Surco Products specializes in cargo management. Surco’s Safari Rack is a rugged and versatile basket style rack that is just begging to help you with your next adventure.

Super Safari Rack

A Safari Rack needs to be tough and versatile, as no two safaris are the same. Surco offers their Safari Rack in multiple sizes, so you’re pretty sure to find one to fit your adventure. All models feature a 5″ stanchion, or perimeter “wall”. The racks are made with 3/4″ aluminum square tubing. This construction helps it resist corrosion while maintaining an excellent mass/durability ratio. In other words, it won’t rust out on you, it wont load you down, and its pretty tough.

Safari Rack

On Top Of Things

To really get on top of things for your next adventure, Surco has a family of add-on accessories for the Safari Rack. They offer a Floor Kit(1112) to allow for smaller cargo, a Spare Tire Adapter(ST100), Axe and Shovel Adapter(AX100), a Hi-Lift Adapter(1108) and many more. Most kits come with cross bars but may require adapter kits to match them up to your factory roof rails. Best to talk to your local vehicle outfitter to get the right fit and additional function for your Safari Rack.

Surco Safari Rack

S4050 – 40″ x 50″, 5″ Stanchion
S4550 – 45″ x 50″, 5″ Stanchion
S5050 – 50″ x 50″, 5″ Stanchion
S4060 – 40″ x 60″, 5″ Stanchion
S4560 – 45″ x 60″, 5″ Stanchion
S5060 – 50″ x 60″, 5″ Stanchion
S5060V – 50″ x 60″, 5″ Stanchion, 60″ crossbars
S5072 – 50″ x 72″, 5″ Stanchion
S5072V – 50″ x 72″, 5″ Stanchion, 60″ crossbars
S5084 – 50″ x 84″, 5″ Stanchion
S5084V – 50″ x 84″, 5″ Stanchion, 60″‌ crossbars
S50100 – 50″ x 100″, 5″ Stanchion
S50100V – 50″ x 100″, 5″ Stanchion, 60″ Crossbars

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