SummitView Cameras From Brandmotion – Electronic Spotters For Safer Off-Roading

Some of the language we humans use when expressing a need for help, can be pretty gruesome. Telling someone that you need an extra set of eyes or hands to improve accuracy, safety and efficiency is pretty common.  Thankfully those things don’t literally happen when we ask, lest we all run around looking like a page out of Aeneid. Absent a willing 2nd human with all their faculties, how are we then to see beyond the limits of our eyes, especially in the most challenging of situations? Driving. Off-Road.  Brandmotion has heard our cries for help and has been working to make driving safer since 2005.  Their newly introduced SummitView cameras do for off-roading what their backup camera systems do for daily driving, “spotting” for us where the pavement ends.

The SummitView is available as a forward facing camera that mounts to most standard winch fairleads.  The winch version is available in a Tall or Short version to insure proper clearance and line-of-sight. The universal camera can plug into any device with an available  RCA-style video connector.  Most of today’s aftermarket large display radios have inputs for both a front and rear camera. Additionally this type of connectivity exists on performance tuners geared toward the truck and off-road market like the Superchips TrailDash2 or SCT’s Livewire TS+.

SummitView Off-Road Cameras

SummitView Off-Road Cameras


The benefits are astounding.  Using SummitView, drivers will have a 185º view of the area in front of their vehicle.  Furthermore the camera is adjustable 20º up or down, enhancing the driver’s ability to navigate off road terrain and avoid treacherous obstacles.

The Rock Camera version features the same optics but is designed to be mounted on either side of a front bumper.  SummitView comes with a fully wrapped and terminated wring harness that only needs to be connected to 12v accessory power and a clean ground.

The SummitView cameras are welcome additions to an extensive line of cameras designed to seamlessly integrate into OEM radios and navigation systems. Human spotters are still always recommended when off-roading, but SummitView from Brandmotion helps to overcome the limitations of our sense of sight, and increase peace of mind.

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