Mickey Bites Back: The Sidebiter Lock

When Mickey Thompson is mentioned, it’s usually the legendary drag, street, and off road TIRES that get the attention.  But we can’t forget about the comprehensive line of wheels they offer as well.  What good are a pair of shoes if you don’t have a flashy, functional sock to go with it?  Mickey’s Sidebiter Lock wheels are the silk calf-highs to your oxfords…or better yet, the Gold Toe cotton crews to your Red Wings.

The Sidebiter name comes from Mickey Thompson’s revolutionary “tread-on-the-sidewall” tire design. That style and performance trickled into their wheel offerings as well. Featuring a tough satin black finish and updated center cap, the Sidebiter Lock adds the perfect finishing touch for any modernly styled truck or Jeep.

Whatever size setup or bolt pattern you’re running, Mickey has you covered.  With sizes ranging from 15×8 to 20×12, there is a Sidebiter Lock to fit your ride. Plus with a Lifetime Limited Warranty on structural defects, these wheels are made to last.

Mickey Thompson Sidebiter Lock


I must say that Mickey Thompson has done a great job as of late with their re-branding and marketing efforts.   The change of their iconic logo is a bold move and one that I’m sure ruffled a few mud-caked feathers within the loyal fan base.  But in keeping with the times, the new logo looks clean and fresh while still keeping elements from their former.   The Sidebiter Lock is the first wheel I’ve seen from Mickey that uses their updated logo.

Their new ads and video spots also ooze a contemporary feel without cutting out the heritage that built their name.  Check out one of their latest spots — kinda gives you a few goosebumps:

Check out Mickey Thompson’s full line of Wheel and Tire offerings, including their NEW Deegan 38 AT at www.mickeythompson.com

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