Shocking Comfort and Strutting Pride: Monroe Has a History of Excellence and Quality

Brand names in the automotive industry carry weight. They are indicators of quality. Windows allowing you to see exactly where your money is going before you even open the box. And a name like Monroe carries more weight than most—that of a two-ton motor vehicle to be exact. Manufacturing high-quality ride control products, the Monroe brand has become synonymous with phrases like “OE quality,” “precision engineering,” “high standards,” and “best-in-class support.”

A History of Innovation

As one of the longest-running brands in aftermarket shock absorbers, Monroe got its start over 100 years ago, in a city of the same name roughly 40 miles outside Motor City. The year was 1916 and early automobiles were gaining ground—both literally and figuratively. U.S. vehicle registrations jumped 1.2 million from the previous year, and hundreds of thousands of cars and trucks were puttering cross-country. But paved roads had yet to appear—even the famed Lincoln Highway was little more than a dirt road in most places—and rudimentary autos riding on simple carriage springs were crashing, banging, rolling, and most noticeably to young entrepreneur August F. Meyer, flattening tires.

With AAA still in its infancy, ol’ Meyer saw a lucrative gap in the market. Why not supply people with their own tire pumps? This way they could still enjoy the open road, even after they popped a shoe on the rocky terrain. Teach a man to fish, right? The first seeds of driver comfort and control were planted, thus launching the beginnings of the Monroe Auto Equipment Company.

Fast forward a decade and Meyer (now teamed with local Dodge dealer Charles S. McIntyre) released the first Monroe Shock Eliminator, a replacement for those lousy carriage springs underpinning most passenger cars. With a dedication to quality and a passion for innovation, the Monroe brand steadily grew into the behemoth it is today. Expanding to Europe in the 1960s and then to Japan, Australia, Mexico, South America, and Canada throughout the ‘70s, the brand name soon became ubiquitous with quality shock absorbers. By the end of the decade, Monroe had joined the Tenneco family, one of the largest original equipment manufacturers in the world, allowing R&D and name recognition to truly skyrocket.

Check Out That Product Lineup

As we said, this brand name carries more weight than most. Monroe offers a vast line of shocks and struts for passenger cars and trucks. Probably most well-known is the company’s gas-charged shock absorber, perfectly suited for light trucks and SUVS, the Reflex® series. Specifically designed to eliminate body roll, these shocks provide better handling, control, and performance. For economical replacement of stock passenger car shocks and struts is the Monro-Matic® line. And for those looking for a series that addresses both, with the latest innovations, is the OESpectrum® line. Featuring an exclusive, twin-technology active control system, OESpectrum® products eliminate road harshness while maintaining precision handling.

Additionally, Monroe’s Quick-Strut® Complete Replacement Strut Assembly is an all-in-one coil spring designed to pop right in place of the original equipment, with no sacrifices made in terms of quality and performance. And the company’s RoadMatic™ strut assemblies provide ready-to-install, single-unit strut replacement with no spring compressor required.

Commercial Offerings

While consumer vehicles are Monroe’s primary focus, the product lineup also includes commercial offerings. “Monroe® Magnum™ shock absorbers are designed to handle the demands of high mileage and severe use, delivering reduced cost-per mile,” says the company. “Available for class 3-8 commercial trucks, emergency, severe use, and fleet vehicles, new Monroe® Magnum™ shocks are … gas-charged for quicker response and a stable, more comfortable ride.”

Along with shocks and struts are steering stabilizers, lift supports, brake pads, and a variety of other products for the segment.

A Future of Forward-Thinking

A century of business says a lot, but not everything. Equally important to longevity is relevance—and Monroe has assured its own by staying at the forefront of progressive innovation and customer service. “Beyond advanced technologies and best-in-class product performance, a core element of the Monroe brand’s enduring success has been a uniquely strong connection with the professionals who specify, sell, and install its products,” says the company. Through strong partnerships and timely-seized opportunities, Monroe has developed a brand name that garners respect across the industry.

Specialists, Not Generalists

Many companies spend precious time trying to win over customers in every single segment. Often times, they end up spending more time competing with one another than actually trying to develop new technologies. Monroe, however, isn’t interested in capturing every niche market with a “decent” product. It is dedicated to keeping motorists safe and comfortable on the way to work, picking up the kids, or doing any of the millions of simple, routine tasks we rely on our vehicles for. The company focus is laser-sharp, which enables it to master a specific skill set and keep pushing the bar higher—to improve the ride and comfort quality of the everyday driver, with solutions that are specifically fine-tuned to OE-level specs.

The everyday driver needs Monroe; a brand name that manufactures the highest-quality components because they’re depended upon each and every day.

Our highways and byways may look significantly better than they did in 1916. (Although, some would argue that depends on what state you’re in…). But with 276.1 million registered vehicles in the U.S. alone, Monroe’s ride control innovations are perhaps more important than ever.

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