ROXTER Hitch Mounted Mud Flaps Have Got Your Back

Hitch Mounted Mud Flaps

The new ROXTERTM hitch mounted mud flaps are no joke. Speaking of joke, here’s one appropriate for today…

Q: What did the newspaper writer bring to his job interview at a website?

A: Eclipse

But seriously folks, think about it. We spend all this money on our towable toys. Boats, teardrop campers, side by sides, RVs, show vehicles, heck, show ponies even! Yet we rarely consider what that 32″ tire is launching back at our pricey new fun machine.  Agri-Cover Inc, (ACI) fully understands protection, as they are an industry leader in truck bed and commercial truck bed covers.  Their ROCKSTAR family of hitch-mounted mud flaps is one of automotive aftermarket’s very first product of it’s kind. Today they now offer the ROXTER series, and below I will cover some of the features of this great new offering.

Protection For All

The ROXTER series of hitch mounted mud flaps from ACI is the most affordable in the family. Price is a very big factor, as towing leads to greater fuel consumption. More fuel means more money spent, or less money available to have fun. The ROXTER won’t break the bank. ROXTER mud flaps will also help insure you don’t break your ATVs headlights out.

Custom Mud Flaps?

Yes. These universal hitch mounted mud flaps are designed with a simplistic frame to fit trucks and SUVs. Each ROXTER comes with four 3/8″ rubber strips, or flaps. These strips can be trimmed to adapt to your needs. They can easily compliment the sleek, stylish look of your vehicle. ROXTER is easy to remove and reinstall. Simply pull the receiver pin to put on or take off.

hitch mounted mud flaps

hitch mounted mud flaps

Stay On Track, And On Budget

With an MSRP of around $200, ROXTER makes it easy to protect what you tow. You’ll ride with the peace of mind that ROXTER’s got your back.




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