Chase LED From RIGID®- The Most Flexible LED Light EVER

Chase LED from RIGID® – Own The Night™

Not just a random motto, rather more of a business model for RIGID Industries, is  “Own The Night.”

Reading Audience: “What’s a motto?”

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But seriously folks, when it comes to off-road lighting, RIGID® just gets it.  They understand the needs of today’s enthusiast. They set out to exceed those needs. They set out to dominate. Case in point, the RIGID Chase LED.

Born off-road and conceived for the UTV market, the Chase packs a lot of punch.  You see, stock UTVs don’t come equipped with reverse lights. Also, there’s rarely a dome light for illuminating the cargo area. In one compact fixture RIGID packed a courtesy light and a reverse light, as well as options for chase and off-road racing.

5 Modes. One Fixture.

Reverse, courtesy, strobe, running and brake lighting are all accomplished with Chase.  Chase is available in 3 colors, Red, Blue or Amber. The color refers to the halo around the entire perimeter of the Chase’s face, which has a clear lens. And it is the halo that sets the RIGID Chase apart from other LED lighting. The Halo can illuminate in either a running light mode, a more intense brake light mode or strobe. When wired to do so, chase can function like a factory tail light or running light, or provide the safety or chase function of a strobe.

A 750 lumen white light is housed in the center portion of the Chase. This allows the housing to function as a reverse light or handy area light for camping or truck bed illumination.  A smaller 168 lumen white light fires downward, intended to be used as a courtesy light to illuminate cargo areas.

Chase LED from RIGID

Chase is hardwired with  5 power leads (one for each function) and a single ground wire. The conductors are neatly wrapped and stripped, ready for whatever wiring application you have. The Chase can be wired in series as well as individually, for even more possibilities. We cooked up one such possibility, which you’ll see in the Chase Jeep® video below.  Also linked below is a PDF on how to install the Chase. We do, however, encourage you to consult your local off-road lighting professional for the best results.  We also have provided a “Sell Sheet” you can casually leave on the retail table pre-Father’s Day.


An Amber Chase LED mounted on a RAZR

Chasing Your Jeep

35″ or larger tires don’t leave a whole lot of room for a Jeeper to see out his rear window. When you retain the stock third brake light, it has to be visible over your rear tire. This cuts even further into your field of view. For this reason many a Jeep owner moves the brake light to the center of the spare tire where it won’t interfere.  A Red Chase is especially beneficial to Jeep owners, as it is more vibrant than the factory 3rd brake light. Furthermore, the factory light does not have a running light function.  Chase’s red halo running light function enhances night visibility and looks stunning.

But here’s where it gets really cool. Additional light when reversing is very important when driving a lifted Jeep. Adding extra back-up lighting can clutter your Jeep’s booty and may require drilling or cutting. With Chase, you get a 750 lumen back-up light in the same housing. No drilling. No cutting. Bootylicious.

Install a license plate delete and relocate your state plate to the center of your spare. Now you can use your Chase’s courtesy light to illuminate your plate at night, complying with DOT regulations.  Because each of the 5 functions of Chase has it’s own trigger wire, you easily tap into power at the rear of your Jeep.  Again, consult your local Jeep or off-road lighting professional whenever working with 12v power.

Install Instructions

Sell Sheet with Part Numbers

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