RC Cars For Kids, Of All Ages!

I apologize if my Karz for Kids reference made anyone reading this want to gouge their eyes out with their phone. That wretched earworm of a jingle should be launched into the sun never to return. That said, RC cars for the kid in all of us are hotter than ever this holiday gift giving season. I’d like to share a few with you that will take you from zero to hero, when presented!

RC Cars: Traxxas TRX-4

Over the river and, well, pretty much anything.  Traxxas didn’t just raise the bar, they became the bar when they launched the TRX-4. Based on a Land Rover Defender and utilizing off-road tech the likes of which not seen before, the TRX-4 is amazing. Real off-road tires. Portal axles that have remote locking differentials to tackle any terrain. And a sport mode to flat-out fly down the trail.

Land Rover RC Cars
TRX-4, available in Red or Grey

They’ve also taken the platform and created a new version in “Night Camo” dubbed the “Tactical Unit” rapid response vehicle. As if the TRX-4 wasn’t capable enough…

RC Cars

Eye In The Sky

Perhaps the biggest area of growth in consumer electronics is the drone category. As performance and battery life increases and prices continue to drop, drones are no longer professional gear only. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a huge gap between the “Familiar Old Brand Name” product you see behind the counter at Jo Ann Fabric and a DJI Phantom 4.  Good quality can however be had at reasonable price points. Take for example the Traxxas Aton.

Aton is available as part number 7908, featuring a 3000mAh battery and a fixed camera mount. If you care about video quality you’ll prefer the 7909, with longer battery life and a two-axis gimbal. The gimbal is what keeps a camera stable. 2-Axis stabilization results in very nice video footage.  Billed as a “Sport Quad” Aton puts as much emphasis on the fun of flying as it does image capture.

Experience three flying modes: Film, Sport and Expert.  There’s a theme here with Traxxas. They make RC cars and drones that are fun and functional. Thats a winning combination in my book. I’m willing to bet you’ll be an instant winner at gift giving should you opt for a Traxxas under your tree.

By Land, Air, and SEA!

And if those two ideas don’t float your boat, then perhaps you’re in the market for the Traxxas Blast, a high performance electric race boat! If these don’t get your engine going, perhaps gift yourself FitBit with Heart Rate monitoring, because you just may have flatlined…

RC Cars

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