Any and ALL-TERRAIN: Pro Comp A/T Sport Tire

If you’ve ever looked to lift or level your truck, you certainly are familiar with the Pro Comp name.  For over 25 years they have been at the forefront of manufacturing high-quality suspension components for on and off-road enthusiasts.  But they don’t just stop at suspension.  When it comes to put the rubber to the road, Pro Comp has you covered as well.  Introducing the All-New Pro Comp A/T Sport Tire!


To complement the line which includes the popular Xtreme MT2 Mud Tire and Short Course variation comes the Pro Comp A/T Sport.  Wherever the road takes you–whether its the mountains, the trail, or just down the road to work, Pro Comp and the A/T Sport have it covered!  Not to mention the INSANE 60K tread-wear warranty!



  • Sweeping Groove Technology
    • Sweeps water and debris away from the contact patch and contributes to all-weather stability
  • Staggered Design
    • Increases grip on all terrains and in inclement weather environments by clawing the driven surface
  • Side Holder Lugs
    • Greatly improves traction in all-terrain environments and all-weather conditions while increasing puncture resistance
  • All-Terrain Compound
    • A balanced compound formulated for optimum performance across wet, dry, on- and off-road surfaces
  • Multi-Pitch Variation
    • Quiet ride assurance – Alternating tread blocks reduce pitch noise as the noise from one block pitch is canceled out by another.

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