Pittman Outdoors AirBedz CAMO Edition

One with nature. Lost in the wild. Nothing but you, a pristine landscape, a hungry black bear eyeing up that ARB fridge/freezer filled with goodies at the campsite, and now— a Pittman Outdoors Airbedz CAMO edition truck bed mattress.

There’s a Better Way!

Camping is a rich tradition shared among family and friends. For a great many, the ultimate thrill of the experience is roughing it. While bumping down a back country road or heading deep into the woods has its tests of willpower and durability, back pain and sleepless nights shouldn’t be included in that list. Just because you can sleep with the hard earth beneath you doesn’t mean that you must. (Seriously.)

Rest comfortably under the stars with AirBedz by Pittman Outdoors, a product line ultimately developed to address the market’s lack of versatility in such product offerings. Its aim? To fill in the crater-like holes. AirBedz’s design allows the mattress to form-fit right into the bed of a truck with technology that seamlessly covers the wheel wells and extends over the tailgate. Do you know what that mean? No bumps! And no rolling yourself into the middle like a taco, the way standard air mattresses notoriously do.

“We are the only supplier for a true bed mattress. We have the cutouts for the wheel wells in the truck bed, so you can maximize the mattress area in the bed of the truck to sleep two adults comfortably. We also have a rechargeable battery that inflates the mattress no matter where your adventure takes you,” said AirBedz representative, Bob Horvath of KAM Marketing.

Simple, Durable, and Ready for the Elements

AirBedz prides itself on its durability. So go on, give it the ol’ toss around. The heavy-duty cloth material protects the mattress from the bumps and scrapes Mother Nature dishes out along the way—guaranteed.

AirBedz converts into a bed that is suitable for any surface in one easy step. Simply inflate the inserts and place them into the wheel well openings with the attached Velcro tabs. Voilà! You now have a comfortable sleeping space for any guest.

Pittman Outdoors - AirBedz

New Design

And now outdoorsmen can have their own spirit of the wild with AirBedz new CAMO edition. Covered in Realtree patterned camouflage, the AirBedz CAMO mattress provides the same staple comfort with a new look. Hunters and campers alike will find that the AirBedz CAMO is designed to enhance their already-bound-to-be-fun nature experience. Whether building a low-key campsite, or needing a quick extra bed in the cabin, AirBedz has it covered with the same dependable built-in, rechargeable-battery air pump that inflates and deflates the mattress at the flip of a switch. Perfect for a quick setup and break down, so you’ll be on to your next location or back in the stand in no time.

So, whether it’s a tent, truck, or the family den, AirBedz will provide consistent comfort for the active outdoorsman. (Or even the slug who wants to glamp in the basement.) A JK-application release debuted at the 2017 SEMA Show and has a tentative go-live date of April 2018.

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