Penda’s Tailgate Pong: Perfect for the Parking Lot

As we’ve covered before, truck beds are being used in more and more creative ways over the past decade.  Gone are the days where a contractor or DYI-er were the only ones found browsing the Silverado section of a Chevy dealer.  Consumers have dashed this notion and come to embrace the utility a pick-up can provide, and truck sales are booming because of it.  From hipsters to hunters, a truck bed can serve the needs of most any lifestyle. Tailgaters have long known this fact and have used them to set up their makeshift kitchens for as long as people have been getting to games 5 hours early.  But tailgating isn’t all about the food.  It’s a great opportunity to build camaraderie amongst fans; and what better way to accomplish that than with a rousing game of beer pong?  Well, the folks at Penda urge you to leave the table at home and opt for a better solution.   Play pong right from the back of your truck with their Tailgate Pong setup!

While you may not be the kind of person to buy a truck for the sole purpose of setting up shop outside Beaver Stadium in Happy Valley, we wouldn’t judge you if you did.  Especially when you can use the tailgate of your truck in this incredibly innovative way!


  • No extra table needed.  Drop your tailgate, setup cups, and pong!
  • Formed cupholders provide a perfect rack every time with NO sliding
  • Made of heavy-duty HDPE, so there’s no need to remove the product to use your truck, well…like a truck!
  • Easy install that’s ready to go in mere minutes

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