NRG Innovations: Premium Aftermarket Performance for Tuner Crowd

The tuner community is alive and well, to those who mistakenly think the heyday of sport compact is long gone. Sure, there was that unfortunate fall from grace after the late 90s, early 2000s. And yes, the current game has changed a bit, resulting in a broader vehicle selection that has caught the attention of a new kind of consumer. But brand names like NRG Innovations rose from the ash after the sport compact market temporarily plummeted. And they resurfaced bigger, stronger, and even more appealing than ever.

Founded in 2003, NRG Innovations is at the forefront of the tuner industry, with an impressive premium assortment that touches 17+ categories and has more than 1,400 SKUs. Calling all show-car enthusiasts, drifters, dragsters, street racers, and even the occasional wannabe—NRG Innovations offers the largest selection of steering wheels and patented short hubs that “allow the use of the quick release while retaining close-to-stock dimensions, up to 3” inches shorter than our competitors,” said NRG Innovations. And their patented 100% lock, no slop, ball-bearing system is constructed of CNC aircraft-grade aluminum. “It’s the only dual spring self-indexing quick releases on the market,” continued NRG Innovations.

Purists at heart, their brand is plastered all over the race, car show, and meet scene; they even host their own Annual Drift Matsuri Event. “Whether we’re working on one of our sponsored vehicles or even our own in-house projects, we make sure to put every single product to the test so that we can consistently bring you the strongest, highest-quality products,” continued NRG Innovations. Get a feel for their motorsports mayhem by checking out their sponsored drivers.

Sponsored Drivers

Name: Ryan Littleral
Hometown: Riverside, CA USA
Competition Ride: Nissan 240/S14

Name: Arimas “Odi” Bakchis
Hometown: Kaunas, Lithuania
Competition Ride: Nissan S14

Name: Jeff Jones
Hometown: San Fernando Valley, CA
Competition Ride: Nissan S14

Growing Footprint

NRG Innovations recently joined the Keystone Automotive Operations Inc. distribution system, which means consumers will have easier access to even more product at their local speed shops! “We’re very excited to offer NRG Innovations’ products to our customers. NRG offers very unique restyling accessories and they’re always at the top of trends for modern and classic imports and domestics,” said Ahad Mirza, Sport Compact Category Manager at Keystone. “Our customers will love the wide assortment in steering wheels, steering wheel quick release systems, shift knobs & hand brakes, and dozens of other products for the interior, exterior, and under the hood,” continued Mirza. NRG Innovations is a fantastic add-on sale for any business and a great option for any tuner fanatic!

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