NightHawk Jeep Grilles From UnderCover

The Jeep grille.  Perhaps no other vehicle is more readily identifiable by it’s front end than the Jeep.  That may also be why there are so many available options to modify or replace it.  The current Wrangler platform (JK/JKU – 07-17) has an easily removable grille. Five minutes and a flat-headed screwdriver and you’re in business.  UnderCover, a Truck Hero Company, leads the industry in paint-matched truck bed covers. In 2016 they decided to offer their very first Jeep product, the NightHawk Light Brow.  They now have expanded the NightHawk line to include four complete grilles for the JK.

NightHawk Jeep Grilles: What’s In A Name?

The iconic seven-slot grille is forbidden territory to Jeep purists.  But many JK owners choose to swap their grille for grilles with names like “Angry Bird” or “Wild Boar.”  The “furrowed brow” of these grilles definitely adds an edginess to the look of the JK. The new NightHawk Grilles from UnderCover are no exception. They tout menacing names, and a look that says, “get out of my way.”

Thrasher. Grenade. Carnage. Convict.

Thrasher bears the closest resemblance to the factory grille, with seven vertical slots. It has a contoured brow that molds right into the rest of the grille. The slots have a slightly octagonal look to them.

Grenade does a complete 180, while turning the slots 90º. It’s nine horizontal slots are sure to turn heads, and perhaps a few purist’s stomachs.

Jeep Grilles

Carnage also has a very OEM look. It too has seven slots, but the brow appears as more of a “ledge” and is more angular than the Thrasher’s.

Jeep Grille

Convict looks a bit like Hannibal Lechter, with the most aggressive look of the family. 17 horizontal slots of various heights really drive home that “angry” look.

Jeep Grille

All four are available in a textured black, or MOPAR factory paint match.  All come with a replacement weather strip, as the one on your factory grill can’t be repurposed. The ABS composite material is UV-protected, and they don’t just look tough–NightHawk Jeep Grilles include a lifetime warranty.




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