More BOOST For Your EcoBoost – Flowmaster’s New Delta Boost Performance Tuners

Flowmaster® has long been synonymous with horsepower, boosting exhaust systems and mufflers with coverage from daily drivers to weekend track cars.  The distinctive “Flowmaster Sound” is one of the hallmarks of the company and part of why the Flowmaster name is among the most trusted in the exhaust business.  Recently, the folks at Flowmaster have been bringing product to market that we haven’t seen from the company in years past, including intakes, headers and now performance tuners.  The new Delta Boost Performance Tuner targets Ford EcoBoost engines. It puts more power underfoot and in the palm of your hand.

New Flowmaster EcoBoost Performance Tuner

The premise of Delta Boost is quite simple, installing in-line between the Boost Sensor and ECU. Connecting the module is as easy as changing a headlight bulb, via plug-and-lay connectors.  Once connected, the American-made Delta Boost can be controlled over Blootooth with an app on your Apple or Android smartphone.  The app allows live monitoring of boost pressures, and it gives the user the option of selecting one of four preset modes.

New Flowmaster EcoBoost Performance Tuner

Valet mode is designed to conserve fuel or to prevent that shady attendant from going full-on Ferris Bueler in your ride. It reduces boost pressure by four psi. Standard mode provides no change to stock. Sport mode increases boost pressure by three psi, and Max increases +4 psi over stock.  The unit is set to Sport mode by default, so one need only to plug in order to play.

There are four models of Delta Boost, specific to certain sizes of the Blue Oval’s turbo engines.  The 18101 will tune the 2.3L, and the 18102 tunes the 1.6 or the 2.0.  The 181036 will handle the 2.7 or 3.5 liter. 18104 tunes the 2010-2014 3.5L.  The later boast an impressive possible gain of up to 32hp and 50 ft-lb of torque.

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