Intercooler Kits Crafted by Mishimoto

Mishimoto Intercooler Kits are elegantly engineered products, designed to significantly reduce intake air temperatures.  It ensures the most power for your boost while putting less work on your vehicle’s turbo or supercharger.

The products are constructed of 100% aluminium featuring cast end tanks to handle high boost pressures.  The intercooler kits are available in universal and direct-fit applications.

Other features include:

  • Available in black, silver and gold
  • Reduction in air intake temperatures
  • TIG-welded for increased durability
  • The direct-fit applications are designed for an easy bolt-in installation
  • The universal applications are available in several sizes
  • All Mishimoto products carry a lifetime warranty including accident protection
  • For all SKUs and applications see

In order to learn more about picking the right intercooler for your needs, check out this awesome post on Mishimoto’s blog. Here are just a few of the true and tested recommendations from this very educative post-

  • Pick the correct style cooler for your needs, liquid-to-air or air-to-air
  • Be sure that the end tanks flow properly and will handle your intended boost levels
    Stay on top of CAC system maintenance for optimal performance

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