Brand Spotlight: Mind Your Behind with Bob’s Butt Wipes and Pure Essence OUTHOUSE Toilet Spray

We don’t blame you for wondering what Bob’s Butt Wipes and Pure Essence OUTHOUSE toilet spray are doing on an automotive blog. But when you’re deep in the woods with nothing but your sxs and camping equipment, you’re going to wish we told you.

Ever wonder what you could possibly have in common with an 18th century French aristocrat? A clean bottom, that’s what! Allow us to explain. Sometime in the early 1700s, a French furniture maker thought to himself, “You know what would make this whole chamber pot experience so much more enjoyable? Butt wipes!” Okay, that’s not exactly how it went, but the sentiment was there. And it allowed some enterprising young woodworker with a passion for personal hygiene to lay the groundwork for the modern bidet. But while Europe jumped on that train with aplomb, young America just wasn’t ready to address the issue of dirty behinds—and all the unpleasantness that accompanies them. Thankfully, we’ve moved beyond that hurdle. And while we’re not necessarily ready to re-plumb our bathrooms, companies like Bob’s Butt Wipes and Pure Essence OUTHOUSE Toilet Spray are helping us along the quest toward Posterior Enlightenment.

Bob’s Butt Wipes—Has a nice ring to it, eh?

So, what exactly are butt wipes? And who is this Bob? We’re so glad you asked! Butt wipes are precisely what they sound like, my friend. And Bob is Bob Delaney, the founder of Sterling Global Products and inventor of a genius line of convenient, portable, flushable wipes. Having worked in the construction industry, Bob understood the anxiety of staying clean on a job site with only primitive port-o-potties for use. An engineer by nature, he developed a solution and began to build his empire of fanny-cleaning accessories.

And an empire it is, as Sterling Global Products offers more than just Bob’s Butt Wipes. There are BouDé Flushable Wipes for the lady who shares your bathroom and Lil’ Booty’s Adventure Wipes for the kids. Bug-repellent wipes are ideal for camping trips. And insect-sting ointment is at-the-ready when the skeeters put up just too strong of a fight. There are even portable thermotherapy heat pads for the next time your back acts up on vacation. And the best part is that each of Sterling Global Products’ items is all-natural and safe to use!

In fact, Bob’s Butt Wipes (and its accompanying brands) are comprised of 100% biodegradable and dissipating material, which are infused with an all-natural, hypoallergenic, gentle formula. Sterling wipes are safe for all skin types and ages, and come in dispensers made from recycled materials. They are ideal for sewers, septic systems, and RV holding tanks, making them practical and convenient for on-the-go use. “Each of our lines feature an innovative and unique refillable dispenser that’s easy-to-install, and specifically designed to hang from virtually any toilet paper holder to maximize efficiency and is readily available whenever a wipe is needed,” adds the company.

Pure Essence OUTHOUSE—Your #2 Toilet Spray

Well, a clean keister is all well and good, you might say, but what about bathroom odors? That’s where Pure Essence OUTHOUSE Toilet Spray comes in. Pure Essence prevents and eliminates unwanted odors with a unique blend of citrus fragrance oils. The product is sprayed 3-4 times before use and provides a lasting, deodorizing smell. Something those French aristocrats would have really lost their heads over! (Too soon…?)

Available in Citrus and Citrus Spice, Pure Essence toilet spray comes in a discreet 2-oz. bottle that is portable and stowable. This makes it that much easier to keep up the facade that you do, in fact, “dump roses”. Or cinnamon-clove oranges, in this case. Additionally, Pure Essence is formulated with fractionated coconut oil. That means that each spritz lubricates and conditions RV toilet seals, disinfects the bowl, and ensures a longer-lasting scent. With such a sparkling and sweet-smelling potty, you’ll truly be the toast of the RV season!

Whether it’s for everyday use at home or your next camping adventure, Bob’s Butt Wipes and Pure Essence OUTHOUSE toilet spray have your bathroom needs covered (We bet you wish you had these whilst stranded on the side of the road like our article from earlier today). So, go ahead and unleash your inner French aristocrat. Go number two with the confidence that you’ll feel like A-number-one when you’re done!

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