LeNormand is a Leading Lady

She’s a leading lady—at work, as a mother of four young girls, and as a weekend warrior at the track. Myriam LeNormand, a speed shop owner turned Keystone Canada sales associate, is a lifelong performance enthusiast.

“I’ve always been into cars because my dad was into cars, so I was a little tomboy and always wanted to help work on them,” she smiled.

Her adrenaline of choice is drag racing. A fan of the Pontiac Fiero platform, she’s been the proud owner of two. One, a red ’85 bred to race, with a two door, rear-wheel drive setup. “It looked like a sports car and was pretty quick. It ran the quarter mile in about 13.2—pretty good for a 2.8 turbo,” said LeNormand.

The other is a jet black ’86 GT that was heavily modified with a KW Suspensions coil-over kit and custom tubular control arms for a race-ready stance. LeNormand removed the engine and replaced it with a 3.1 motor out of—get this—a Chevy Cavalier. “But the engine was completely redone internally, from the cam, crank, and forged pistons to the roller timing chain, roller rocker arms, and lifters,” she said. LeNormand then dropped a turbo on it—her preferred method of boost—and the brakes were changed out for a Corvette setup. She personally chromed and polished every part, making the build a real labor of love.

“Then I took the body off the vehicle. The chassis was all metal, but the body itself was fiberglass. I sanded everything down and repainted all the pieces black. I also had two hoods—one to race and one to show,” she said. The latter of which had a devil coming through cracks of the ground. LeNormand’s ride was finished off with Recaro racing seats and Auto Meter gauges. With nearly $60,000 invested in the custom build, this ’86 Fiero is still a beloved part of her collection. It now awaits a 3.8 engine transplant and, yep you guessed it, a turbo upgrade that is sure to produce a wicked elapsed time.

New Daily Driver for LeNormand

LeNormand MustangThey say luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. For LeNormand, a stroke of fortune came in the form of a sales promotion that required participants to achieve lofty growth initiatives. Top prize? Entries to win a souped up modern muscle dream car. A truckload of grit and a lifetime of ambition aligned for LeNormand to walk away a winner.

These days she’s burning rubber in a slick black 2010 Ford Mustang that features an Edelbrock supercharger kit, aftermarket rims and tires, a lowered suspension, a new front grille, and Magnaflow exhaust. This time, she’s chasing a personal-best record.

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