New LED Lighting Products From Putco

Springing Forward While Falling Back

This is that time of year when we need to make sure our vehicles are are ready for nighttime driving.  Sadly, nighttime occurs sooner and sooner as we approach the holidays.  Putco continues to light and lead the way in LED technology with several new product introductions, including new LED Headlight Bulbs, LED auxiliary bulbs and tailgate light bars.  All are designed to help you spring forward into lighting season.

Metal 360

Putco introduces the Metal 360 led auxiliary bulb, available in popular interior and exterior bulb sizes. Like the name implies, the Metal 360 radiates light in a complete circle. 15 LED chips put out a whopping 550 lumens per bulb.  The Metal 360 bulbs utilize copper at their core to dissipate heat and extend bulb life.  They’re the most advanced small LED bulbs ever offered by Putco, and tout a one year warranty.

LED Headlight Bulb

Work Blade LED Tailgate Bar

Putco’s popular Blade series of LED Tailgate light bar provided inspiration for the Work Blade. Work Blade is a high-power version designed for construction, DOT and other work vehicles.  In addition to normal brake, turn and reverse function, the Work Blade offers eight amber and white strobe patterns.  These variable patterns provide essential roadside visibility and safety. Two part numbers are available to cover most full and mid-sized trucks.

93009-48 – 48″ Work Blade

93009-60 – 60″ Work Blade

Led Headlight Bulb

New LED Headlight Bulbs

Silver-Lux PRO is Putco’s state-of-the-art LED headlight bulb designed for projector headlights.  Projector style factory headlights require a bulb that focuses all of it’s output in a single direction. By directing 100% of the light at the reflector, Silver-Lux PRO directs all the performance you pay for, down the road where you need it.  The limited space available in late-model RAM trucks makes it challenging to fit with this type of bulb. That is, until now.

Putco now offers two new Silver-Lux PRO part numbers that are RAM truck specific. The 289012PZ is a 9012 bulb for 2013-2015 model years.  The 289005PZ is a 9005, for 2016-2018 models. Each have a new “fanned” copper cloth heat sink to achieve a shallower installation depth.  These new “Zero Space” RAM projector kits also come with the necessary anti-flicker harness. Truly plug-and-play, they are a great way to upgrade the performance of your RAM truck’s headlights.

LED Headlight Bulb
RAM Silver-Lux PRO

Also new for Fall 2017 are the F1 LED Headlight Bulb Kits.  This value offering from Putco makes the performance of LED headlight bulbs available at a lower price point.  More importantly, you get Putco quality at this price, instead of some overseas brand you’ve never heard of.   The F1 series uses a flexible aluminum heat sink, and the bulbs are IP65 rated against water and dust.  These features greatly reduce the failure rate as compared to other value-oriented LED headlight bulb product.

LED Headlight Bulb
F1 LED Bulb

Save Some Green As The Leaves Turn Brown

Putco is offering a mail-in consumer rebate on their popular LuminiX Light Bars. We recently featured LuminiX product, and you can check out that article here. Download the rebate form below.


Rebate Form



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