Jeep Storage Solutions: Get Organized & Get Goin’

“Yah, I don’t think that’s going to fit…”

Many a JK owner spends the dismal winter months daydreaming of springtime. Ahh, sweet spring, when Mother Earth lightens up enough to let the sunshine thaw her creation and it’s finally safe to peel the top off the Jeep without the risk of hypothermia. Visions dance through every Jeeper’s head of overnight trips to crawl their favorite trail or load up for a weekend camping excursion two states away. But soon, those dreams can be hampered by logistical dread.

“Can I fit all of that stuff behind my backseat?”

“Am I gonna get robbed on the way there if I have the top down?”

“Will I still look cool if my interior is an overflowing garbage heap of food and belongings?”

Fear not, Wrangler friends. With a little preparation and help from some forward-thinking aftermarket companies, all these worries can be dissuaded and you’ll be organized, secure and back on the road to easygoing fun in the sun in no time. Whatever your specific needs may be, somebody’s got you covered. Here are a few of our favorite options.


Bestop Instatrunk - Courtesy of BestopThere are plenty of storage solutions to protect valuables while Jeepin’. The Bestop Instatrunk is a time-honored favorite, covering and fastening the cargo space behind the rear seat, turning it into a trunk that can be locked simultaneously with the rear gate.

Bestop, Smittybilt and a number of other manufacturers also make quality lockboxes. These can either be fastened in the center console or beneath a front seat and are ideal for keeping money, valuables and (licensed) weapons out of sight.

The Smittybilt Security Storage Vault is a similar concept to storage solutions like the Instatrunk, but features a front face that locks independently of the rear gate. Another viable option is the Tuffy Cargo Drawer. It makes great use of all the floor space from the front of the rear seat to the tailgate, with plenty of vertical room left in the cargo area to store things atop it.

And the Jeep Hitch Safe by companies like SIM Supply is a neat little device that turns the trailer receiver hitch into a combination safe to hide small chattel-like cards and spare keys. This is especially useful for those prone to clumsily locking themselves out, as well as covert secret agents needing to stash important things out of sight…

Interior Storage

Smittybilt Gear - Courtesy of SmittybiltFor those in their Jeeps all the time, things can get messy. And quickly. Stay ahead of the clutter monster with some simple storage solutions tucked neatly inside your rig. Smittybilt G.E.A.R. seat covers have a military-inspired design and double as a sort of backpack for the car seat, with a multitude of pockets to organize and store all necessary equipment. A similar G.E.A.R. overhead console helps those with a soft top to keep all the essentials in close reach.

And while you’re at it, pick up the G.E.A.R. tailgate cover to complete this useful set. Rightline Gear Storage Bags attach to the roll bar and behind the back seat. They make excellent use of often overlooked space in the cargo area above floor level.

Another great product for the back end of the Jeep is the Warrior Products Tailgate Table. This brilliant, lockable box fastens to the interior of tailgate, has interchangeable compartments that can be customized to suit personal needs and sturdy load-bearing hinges that fold down into an impromptu work space.

Roof Storage

Kargomaster Safari Rack - Courtesy of KargomasterWorrying about extra storage space in your Wrangler is common.  Failing to utilize the overhead airspace is like living in a tiny home with an empty attic and storing your Christmas tree in the kitchen. C’mon man, do better.

Practical roof racks are plentiful and varied, and surely there’s one to fit your specific needs. Do you want to get the most out of every cubic inch above you? Check out the Kargo Master Safari Rack. Don’t want to take up the whole roof? Brands like Fab Fours, Go Rhino or the Smittybilt Defender might be a safer bet. Then again, being open to the outdoor elements may be your top priority. If you don’t want anything directly overhead to impede the glorious sunlight then the Rugged Ridge Easy Load Trail Rack makes perfect use of the room out back above the spare tire.


Thule Bike Rack - Courtesy of ThuleA primary reason enthusiasts “buy into” the Jeep brand, aside from wheeling until one’s heart is content, is to take better advantage of the great outdoors. And there is no shortage of storage solutions to make doing things outdoors even more convenient.

Bike racks by premium names like Thule and Yakima can each carry up to four for your trail-seeking enjoyment. Looking to sleep under the stars? When you need to tote people along for the ride, then Rightline, ARB, Ridgeline and Smittybilt offer tents that keep varmints at bay and campers dry during dewy mornings. And for your refreshment needs while in the wild, the ARB Fridge/Freezer offers a spacious 37 quart storage space, AC and DC hookups for home and vehicle, as well as a digital control panel to make sure that temperature is just right. No longer will spoiled food spoil a weekend.

This is just a sampling of the myriad of storage solutions available to make security, organization and efficiency as attainable as possible when conquering the world in your Wrangler. And what better vehicle to do it in, right? Where can your find such a litany of options for customization? Nowhere else, friends, believe it. Or don’t believe it, that’s fine too. But if you’re looking for a pop-up tent to camp out in the wilderness atop your Volvo, you’re gonna be Googling for quite some time. Just sayin’!

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