Jeep® Renegade Owners Rejoice – Daystar Leads Automotive Aftermarket Offering Hot Accessories for Entry Level FCA Small SUV

When it was announced in 2009 that Italian Automaker Fiat had merged with Chrysler, Jeep®  loyalists wondered what would become of their beloved brand.  Today, however,  it would seem as though any fears that European influences would mar an American icon were misplaced.  In 2015 FCA debuted the Jeep brand’s smallest-ever vehicle, and brazenly dubbed it the Jeep Renegade.  The Renegade moniker adorned many a classic Jeep vehicle, and has roots in the Willys Overland model of the same name built from 1948-1950. With a “Trail Rated” drivetrain, today’s Renegade has proven quite capable, prompting the automotive aftermarket to take notice.  Below we take a look at some of the hot, new accessories for the Renegade.

Arizona based Daystar Products has been manufacturing precision products for the automotive aftermarket and off-road industry since 1977, and were first-to-market with a lift kit for the 15-17 Renegade.  Specializing in plastics manufacturing gave Daystar the edge they needed to deliver some added clearance for larger tires on the small SUV.  That clearance allows use of the stock wheels with tires two sizes larger than factory.  Trail Rated? How about the legendary trails of the red rocks of Moab, Utah?  The home of the annual Easter Jeep Safari(EJS)  and the ultimate off-road proving ground was exactly the place to prove the worthiness of their Jeep Renegade.

Mark Turner, CEO of Daystar Products,  took Daystar’s lifted Renegade to EJS in 2016.  Their company motto is “Drive What You Build,” and they live and work by this motto daily.  (Daystar and Mark’s most recent build, “The Bootlegger” was a top-ten finalist in the 2016 SEMA Show Battle of the Builders, and won the “Life is Better Off-Road” Award that same year.)  Needless to say, these guys know a thing or two about making a vehicle more off-road capable.

Recent additions to the Daystar Renegade family of product include:

  • A 40″ LED Light Bar Kit for better visibility while off-roading
  • Rock sliders
  • A tailgate mount for Daystar’s Cam Cans. Carry extra fuel, oil, potable water for the dogs..
  • A bull bar,  for protection and mounting of off-road lights
  • A winch bumper for the ultimate in front end protection that facilitates the addition of a 9,000 lb. recovery winch
  • A sleek interior switch pod to allow the neat and clean installation of switches for your new winch and lights
Cam Can Tailgate Mount
Cam Can Tailgate Mount – Part No. KJ50020BK
Winch Bumper
Winch Bumper – Part No. KJ50000BK


Other manufactures have also recently launched offerings for the new Jeep Renegade platform. Magnaflow offers two stainless steel exhaust system kits, and Rugged Ridge recently announced a stylish hub-centric wheel.  This exciting push to accessorize the Renegade and equip it for the off-road lifestyle, shows that the Jeep Renegade may be proving itself worthy of consideration for Jeep brand enthusiasts.  The future looks bright for the new Renegade, and heck, if it gets a bit too dark, just flip on your 40″ light bar.

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