Headlights by J W Speaker: Model 9800

Yes, yes we know winter is almost over.  Some might say not soon enough.  Three weeks ago Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow and in his very special, super-scientific, indisputable way confirmed six more weeks of snowy, wintry weather. So yes, it will be over soon.  But that still makes us want to give a nod to the Model 9800 by J. W. Speaker.

It is a universal, all-in-one headlight highly suitable for municipal trucks and contractors who clear snow and ice off of country roads, highways and residential areas.  It is a low-profile, bolt-on unit that make it suitable for multiple commercial applications beyond snow plowing, such as agriculture, construction, mining, trucks, buses and other contractor work.

A Smart Heating System

The applications come in 12V and 24V configurations.  The 12V version of the Model 9800 offers a smart heating system that senses ambient temperature and turns the integrated heating system in the lens on & off. This system only uses 15-18 watts of power, exceeds strict military standards for deicing, and actually clears ice & snow twice as fast as conventional halogen lamps.

Model 9800 Application List

Part Number Description
550061 12-24V DOT LED Non-Heated Headlight – 2 Light Kit
552243 12V DOT LED Heated Headlight – 2 Light Kit
551803 24V DOT LED Heated Headlight – 2 Light Kit
550161 12-24V ECE LED RHT Non-Heated Headlight – 2 Light Kit
552423 12V ECE LED RHT Heated Headlight – 2 Light Kit
551833 24V ECE LED RHT Heated Headlight – 2 Light Kit


  • Safety feature: Built-in turn signals and front position lights
  • Durable and tough: Tough polycarbonate lens and housing protect in harsh environmental conditions
  • Multi-fucntion: Low profile shape and pedestal mount brackets provide flexibility for placement on a wide range of vehicles
  • Smart heating solution
  • One-size-fits-all and easy installation
  • Bright, white LEDs simulates daytime lighting for maximum visibility
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