Auto Industry News: Christmas Cheer, EV Savings, & a Trail Boss Silverado

In this week’s auto industry news, the topic of efficiency loops full circle from Christmas décor to refs confirming the EV tax credit as safe. The Ford Fusion preps for the boot, while the 2019 Chevy Silverado LT Trail Boss is the epitome of hulk on wheels. We top it off with an old school GMC build that’s guaranteed to elicit some nostalgia, and an Around-the-Circuit look at Abbie Eaton.

Christmas Spirit is… Inefficient?

Someone has to say it. Deep breath… okay. No one likes the Christmas decorations on your car. These words might hurt. Maybe friends and family have told you they love them. Well, they lied to you. Or hell, maybe you don’t concern yourself with the opinions of others. Who cares, right? I like them! Did you know those Christmas decorations not only make you the laughingstock, but also may be costing you money? Okay, not loads, but money nonetheless. And GMC scientifically confirmed it!

Rudolph’s nose and a pair of antlers create a 1 mpg highway decrease and increase air resistance by 3%. A rooftop bow, 3.5 mpg and 15%. And as for that Christmas tree tied to the roof, 30% decrease in highway fuel efficiency and a 70% increase in air resistance. Okay, a Christmas tree is unavoidable, but food for thought. Maybe just stick to the homestead lights going forward…

EV Credit Survives Tax Bill

Whilst on the topic of efficiency, the $7,500 tax credit granted to individuals who buy electric cars is safe and remains intact in the new tax bill. The bill, proposed by the House last month, eliminated the EV credit, but the Senate fought to keep it in revisions. It’s worth noting, however, that the credit, which an EV owner can only collect once, doesn’t have an infinite shelf life anyhow. It was used initially to generate sales of electric vehicles. And each manufacturer was granted 200,000 credits apiece, meaning get them while they’re hot. There is no telling what future legislation will hold for “EV nation”, but we know companies like Tesla and Nissan are nearing their limits.

Ford Fusion May Lose US Market

The tax credit survived the chopping block, but reports say that Ford confirmed it will move all production of the Fusion to China. Sales of the Fusion ceasing in the US have not been officially confirmed, but it’s more than likely. Ford has already planned the move from its North American assembly location in Mexico. And on top of that, the company has mentioned a forthcoming change in its sedan catalog. Many suspect that will mean downsizing, as sedan sales have struggling lately. However, nothing of that nature has been officially confirmed. China is set to absorb all Fusion and Mondeo production but when remains the key question.

New Member of the Silverado Family

It’s all out with the old and in with the new, we suppose. Over the weekend, Chevy unveiled the new 2019 Silverado LT Trail Boss at the Chevy Truck centennial event in Dallas. As far as specs, all we know is that the Silverado Trail Boss “integrates the off-road equipment of the Z71 package as well as a 2″ suspension lift.” For more details, it appears the public will have to wait until its official debut at the 2018 Detroit Auto Show. Continued advancements at the OEM level certainly pose a threat to aftermarket sales.

52 GMC Build & Around the Circuit

Well, here’s an old-school build that doesn’t care for your EV credit and isn’t concerned about efficiency. Check out Bob Ward’s restored ’52 GMC 9700. The throwback was actually a firetruck in its heyday. Bob cut it down, put it on an S10 chassis, and custom-made the bedsides himself. Under the hood, the retired service truck has an International 7.3L diesel motor. Who ever would have thought that firetruck would become a studly lowrider.

While we’re on fighting authority, let’s talk wicked fast racecar drivers. Meet the new driver of The Grand Tour, Abbie Eaton. Eaton is a 25-year-old professional driver from England who is the Mazda MX-5 SuperCup champion. Some fans of the show were disappointed because when they introduced Eaton, who replaced Skinner (aka The American), they never said her name. Well everyone will be sure to keep an eye on her now. Watch her rip it up!

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