Innovative New Products In Heat And Sound Control From DEI

Design Engineering, Inc. is a leader in thermal tuning products. For nearly two decades DEI has been helping racers and hobbyists increase power and decrease heat and noise.  I’d like to share with you details on two innovative new products in heat and sound control from DEI.  Additionally, a PDF is linked at the end of the article with even more new products for 2017.

Easy Loom™ Split Wire Sleeve

Wire loom is wire loom. Right? No. Not at all.  Easy Loom sleeves are clean and classy and provide a better-than-OEM finish to your work. The made in the USA Split Sleeve provides superior protection for exposed wires, cables, and hoses.  Abrasion and the elements are no match, as Easy Loom is rated up to 300° Fahrenheit!

Innovative New Products In Heat And Sound Control From DEI

Purchase Easy Loom packaged lengths or in bulk 100′ rolls. It’s available in eight different widths, from 5mm-38mm.  Packaged lengths include 2′ of silicone tape to neatly seal the ends of the sleeve.  Don’t compromise on your project with using wire loom tubing.  Easy Loom is style and function in one simple package or bulk as the case may be.

Titanium™ Turbo Shield for GTP38R

Turbos increase horsepower.  And more horsepower is always good.  The Garret® GTP38R turbo found on Super Duty PowerStroke™ diesel trucks can generate excessive heat. Heat is bad. Heat puts wiring hoses and components at risk. Excessive heat is excessively bad.

DEI’s Titanium Turbo Shield part # 010176 is application specific to the GTP38R.  It can reduce turbo lag, improve horsepower, and provide thermal protection for long-lasting performance.

Adding a 10176 to your Super Duty will keep heat in the exhaust path for cooler intake temps and better overall performance.






Innovative New Products In Heat And Sound Control From DEI





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