Addictive Desert Designs New 2017 Super Duty Bumper

HoneyBadger Don’t Care About Your Stock F-250

The all-new 2017 Ford Super Duty is one of the hottest selling trucks available.  But just because the “Blue Oval” gave the Super Duty a makeover doesn’t mean you have to leave it stock.  Half the fun of owning a tough rig is knowing you can pretty much go anywhere. The other half is all about making a statement with your truck’s look.  Addictive Desert Designs( ADD) has been helping truck and Jeep® owners make their personal statements in steel. Now they offer aggressive new options for the aluminum bodied F-250 and F-350. HoneyBadger, the new Super Duty Bumper from ADD.

Which? Winch?

ADD offers two options for 2017 Super Duty trucks under the HoneyBadger moniker.  Before I go on, I have to tip my cap to ADD on the branding of this front-end face lift.  The name just says it all. Traffic? Meh. Tree down in the road? Whatever. HoneyBadger don’t care.  If you care to mount a winch to your Super Duty, then you’ll want part # F167382840103. If you don’t care to run a winch, then the F167412840103 is the HoneyBadger for you. The HoneyBadger will add 150 lbs. to your rolling mass. But hey, HoneyBadger don’t care about a few more pounds.

Super Duty Bumper

HoneyBadger Super Duty Bumper Characteristics

Honey badgers are notoriously bright creatures.  ADD’s HoneyBadgers are no different. Both models offer provisions for LED lighting. Furthermore, you are not limited to just one size or brand of light bar.  The unique design allows for up to a 40″ curved light bar or as many as 10 LED cube lights on top of the bumper. The lower mounting positions accomodate 10″ light bars on either side, and a 20″ in the center. Brilliant.

Cover Your Rear End

If you have ever purchased Granimals, then you understand the power of a well-matched set.  Addictive Desert Designs offers the Stealth Series rear bumper for F-250 and F-350. Stealth is available to suit Super Duty’s with or without rear parking sensors. The Stealth bumpers can also sport LED lights to aid in backing up, or in telling that car behind you to back off.

HoneyBadger and Stealth front and rear bumpers from Addictive Desert Designs are available now through your local specialty automotive specialist.








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