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Hello, world!  We are proud to introduce our blog, The Engine Block, dedicated to the automotive aftermarket. It is powered by passion for cars, trucks, Jeep, essentially all things automotive. If you enjoy outfitting, accessorizing, off-roading, racing, overlanding, the whole sh-bang, welcome.  If you don’t, you are welcome too. We hope to inspire an appreciation for the aftermarket in you.  So yeah, welcome y’all!

Our Bloggers

We love what we do and we do what we love.  

The Engine Block is written by a small group of enthusiasts who work in the automotive aftermarket. We’ll cover everything from latest and most exciting aftermarket products to inspiring vehicle builds, from the respect-worthy vehicles to noteworthy pros and enthusiasts who built this industry and culture, from interesting market trends to the coolest events.

Our wish and hope is that you, our readers, will also love what we do.

Our Sponsor

This blog is brought to you by Keystone Automotive Operations, Inc., the leading distributor and marketer of aftermarket automotive equipment and accessories in North America. Based out of northeastern Pennsylvania, Keystone grew from a small family-owned auto retailer in the early 1960’s to become the largest warehouse distributor in the industry today. Over 50+ years, it was and continues to be powered by passion and enthusiasm for everything aftermarket.


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