GRID Off-Road: Trends, Differentiation, and New Products

Consumers have the benefit of choice, likely more today than ever before; therefore, it’s never been more important to distinguish oneself, from impressive branding and comprehensive product offerings to reliable service and warranty. That’s true of every arm within the automotive industry but as it applies to manufacturers, well, they’re battling it out for facetime. We sat down with representatives of GRID Off-Road to discuss wheel trends, differentiation, and new products.

GRID Off-Road

Q: What are consumers looking for in a truck wheel and how has that changed in comparison to the past?
A:Consumers know they have options when it comes to truck wheels, which means they want wheels that not only look good, but also can function well, too. Whether they’re using their truck as a workhorse during the week or head out to the trails on the weekend, they want wheels that make a statement while still adding to the overall drivability of their vehicle. Whereas before they either wanted stylish wheels for shows or something dependable to hit the trails, now they demand both.”

Q: How does GRID Off-Road differentiate itself in such a saturated market?
A: “We just try to come up with unique designs that will complement a wide array of trucks and Jeeps. Fans are tired of running the same wheels and crave something different, which is where we come in!”

Q: Color inserts are on the rise. Do you foresee that trend continuing or slowing down? The same question applies for sizes and fitments.
A:Color inserts are easy ways to change up the look of a wheel without having to purchase a new set. They’re also convenient for those looking to feature their trucks at shows since inserts can easily be color-matched to the vehicle theme. It’s a really cost-effective way to change up the style of your rig! Our GD Series offers most of the popular sizes for both trucks and Jeeps ranging from 17” through 22”. And our GF Series offers more of the larger wheel sizes like 24×14, 26×16, and even a new 28”, which caters to the latest craze of lifted ‘show’ rigs.”

Q: What’s next for GRID Off-Road? Any big trends you anticipate on the horizon?
A: “We’re going to continue to push the envelope when it comes to off-road wheels. And we’re heavily focused on the new UTV line; those wheels come in both forged and forged beadlock styles. We’ve also recently released one-piece forged options for our GF Series.”

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