Cooking by Sunlight: The GoSun Sport

While we may not have the skills of an Anthony Bourdain or Gordon Ramsey, nor do we religiously watch The Chew, here at The Engine Block we still do appreciate a good meal.  But when we’re roughin’ it in the great outdoors, sometimes a hearty, well-prepared lunch or dinner is hard to come by.  Sure you can bring all your fancy, foldable appliances with you, but we think a campsite should be functional yet spartan.  Because if your setup looks like it was torn from a Better Homes & Garden, well that’s just not camping.  On the flip side, heating up a can of beans over a meager flame, well that’s just not cooking.  So what’s the solution for making a great meal outdoors without bringing along the kitchen sink? Two words: Solar Cooking.  The GoSun Sport Solar Oven needs to be your next camping investment.  To the untrained eye, it may just look like a rolling pin wrapped in a big metal tortilla, but this thing is AMAZING!

What’s Solar Cooking?

I was ready to chalk this up to some kind of dark magic, but there is a ton of science that goes into a GoSun unit.  Using Parabolic Reflector technology, sunlight is focused onto the cooking tube, heating the inner cooking chamber.  The tube itself acts as a near-perfect insulator, converting over 80% of the sun’s rays into usable heat.  And this heat isn’t just low-temperature, slow-cooker kinda stuff.  The heat inside the tube mimics that of an oven, building up to 550°F/280°C! But the GoSun is safe enough for the kids to use, as there’s no fire hazard.  Plus it’s a great choice for those camping areas where open fires are prohibited or banned.

Make no mistake, the GoSun Sport works great on a bright day, but performs admirably on overcast days as well!   No weather is too cold or blustery for this unit.  The vacuum tube seals in the heat and is unaffected by wind.

Ok, What Will it Cook?

So this thing is only good for toasting marshmallows or warming up a can of SpaghettiOs, right?  I can’t possibly cook ACTUAL meals in this?  Well, how do cider-braised chicken thighs sound?  Or perhaps, lemongrass ginger cornish hen?  Yessir, you can make these and more with your GoSun Sport!  Head over to their cooking blog to get even more great ideas!



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