Get In, Get Out, and Get Going with TrailFX Recovery Gear

The truth is, it’s not IF you get stuck—it’s WHEN. And trust us, the HOW is generally unpredictable. Having your rig cemented in mud, trapped in sand, or caught up on a rock can really put a damper on the day’s outdoor festivities. Turn to TrailFX recovery gear and come out the gate swinging with a solid piece of well-maintained equipment. Conquer the obstacles, and share in universal off-roader pride that you just (narrowly) bested ol’ Mother Nature.

A Little Something for the JL Crowd

As most off-road enthusiasts will tell you, the ultimate (and most enviable) tool aiding you on the trail is a quality winch. And TrailFX offers a solid lineup with a variety of weight capacities and user conveniences. But first, let’s check out the company’s newest offering—a true beauty of a JL Wrangler-specific aftermarket bumper—designed to accommodate any of TrailFX’s quality winches.

Constructed of textured black steel for both strength and aesthetics, the new JL front bumper features a one-piece, full-width design for maximum protection. Complete with bull bar and winch mount, the bumper also incorporates access points for D-rings.Constructed of textured black steel for both strength and aesthetics, the new JL front bumper features a one-piece, full-width design for maximum protection. Complete with bull bar and winch mount, the bumper also incorporates access points for D-rings. If you’re wondering why it only accepts a 10-inch single row light bar, that was a conscious decision on TrailFX’s part. A smaller light bar cutout allowed engineers to brace the bumper appropriately to accept a higher winch load—12,000 pounds to be exact, which surpasses the industry standard of around 9,500 lbs.

Besides, with two 3-inch square light cutouts and light hole cover plates, you still have plenty of auxiliary light mounting opportunities to illuminate the path in front of you. TrailFX also offers a matching rear bumper with a hitch, D-ring and LED light mounts, and some serious wrap-around protection for that hot new JL.

“In the case of our JL Wrangler bumpers, we took it another step by adding extra bracing to support larger capacity winches on our front bumper, while being able to keep the auxiliary light points for traveling the trails or back roads at night. With our rear JL bumper, we included a 2” square receiver, flush mount LED cube pockets, and wrap around corners to protect the body. Every Jeep bumper includes a pair of D-rings as an added bonus,” said Ryan Osborne, Product Manager.

TrailFX Recovery Gear: Winches

Now that you’ve got a good base, it’s time to break down those winch offerings we mentioned above. With multiple uses and enviable durability, any of TrailFX’s winches will be sure to get you out of a jam.


The Original series features 12-volt electric winches available in pull capacities of 8,000, 10,000 or 12,000 pounds. The 10,000-lb offering is available with either high strength steel wire or synthetic rope, while the 8,000- and 12,000-lb varieties come only with the steel wire. All three include a 3-stage planetary gear, 94 ft of rope, wired remote, and roller fairlead.


The Reflex Series features 12-volt electric winches constructed of die-cast aluminum, available in 8,000, 9,500, and 12,000-lb pull capacities. The latter two are available in both steel wire and synthetic rope versions, while the 8,000-lb offering comes only with the steel wire. Like the Original series, all three include a 3-stage planetary gear, 94 ft of rope, and roller fairlead, but the Reflex series remote control can be used in both a wired and wireless configuration for added convenience.


TrailFX recovery gear doesn’t discriminate—there are quality winch offerings for ATV and UTV applications as well. Available with a pull capacity of either 3,500 or 4,500 pounds, these 12-volt electric winches come with a mini rocker switch and handheld remote control. The 3,500 offering comes equipped with 50 ft of either synthetic rope or steel cable, while the 4,500 offering has 40 ft of either steel cable or synthetic rope.

All TrailFX winches come with a limited lifetime warranty on mechanical parts and a 1-year limited warranty on electrical components.

TrailFX Winch Accessories

TrailFX recovery gear ensures the wheeling stays fun, even if you get stuck.TrailFX offers plenty of recovery accessories to get you in, out, and on your way. Any of the items below will greatly maximize your recovery experience. Recovery straps and rope shackles will help provide the extra tug you need. Thirty-foot recovery straps come in 4-inch and 6-inch widths with 20,000 and 30,000-lb capacities, respectively, in a bright, can’t-miss-me yellow nylon. The rope shackles feature a 1-piece, hand-spliced construction of soft, flexible HMPE nylon rope that is resistant to water, UV light, and abrasion. They are also shock absorbent, buoyant, and easy to wrap around difficult pulling points. With a 30,000-lb breaking strength and 7,500-lb working load limit, they’re sure to stand up to trail demands—and just imagine what they can do when paired to a TrailFX winch. Even better, the company backs them with a 5 year limited warranty.

Other TrailFX recovery gear includes heavy-duty snatch blocks, capable of supporting 17,600 pounds, and universal tow hooks forged of steel, with a 10,000-lb capacity. And for those who aren’t interested in piecemealing a go-to recovery ensemble, TrailFX also offers a comprehensive Winch Rigging Kit. Featuring a 17,600-lb capacity zinc-plated snatch block with grease port, 2-inch x 8-foot 14,400-lb breaking strength tree trunk protector, a 2-inch x 30-foot 14,400-lb breaking strength recovery strap, two 3/4 inch 10,000-lb rated D-shackles, heavy-duty orange winching gloves, and choker chain with hooks, all wrapped in a TrailFX monogrammed cargo bag.

What’s Next for TrailFX?

The company’s commitment to quality, innovation, function, durability, and affordability has led to new product development for the Jeep Wrangler JL, including bumpers, step bars, rocker protection, and suspension lifts. “And we’re excited to add even more new parts in the near future to further assist with off-road and cargo management needs,” said Ryan Osborne, Product Manager at TrailFX.

What’s next for TrailFX? “In other markets, we have our eyes set on new vehicle releases set to hit later this year/early 2020. Stay connected with us through our website ( and social media. Be sure to hit us up if you see us on the trail, at a local shop, or at an event near you,” said Osborne.

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