FX Products Offers New Off-Road Essentials

Off-Road Essentials – Grab Handles

FX Products has made quite a name for itself in a short period. This high quality, high value brand has given consumers more choice for their aftermarket accessories.  They’ve also been recognized for exceptional achievement. FX Products won “Best New Product” at the SEMA Show in 2016 for their 3.5″ oval bull bar with included 20″ LED light bar. These two new off-road essentials continue to drive the performance and value reputation of FX Products.  Make sure to read on and check out the video at the end of the article.

Grab handles are truly off-road essentials.  In a lifted Jeep or side by side, they make climbing in or out safer and easier. Once rolling down the trail, they provide needed security and stability through turns and over bumps.  FX Products now offers part number J049, which includes a pair of high quality grab handles. FX Product designed them to easily fit over a standard 2-3″ roll bar. Ideal for any Jeep dating back (DING!… Fantasy Football joke. It’s not too early for this) to the CJs. They’re great for ATVs and side by sides too.

Off-Road Essentials
J049 Grab Handles – Pair

What really makes FX’s offering the most essential of off-road essentials is the snap pouch.  Anyone who has ever driven an open carriage vehicle has sacrificed something to the Wind Gods.  Cruising down the road or trail is no time to have your wallet go sailing out of the vehicle.  Each FX Grab handle has a convenient pouch to secure small valuables. The water-resistant pouch fabrication will protect against splashes and pop up storms.  Thrash on!

At FX Products we strive to make the best possible products and bring them to market at a price that’s easily accessible to most anyone’s budget.” Ryan Osborne – FX Products

Off-Road Essentials – Soft Shackle

I am relatively new to off-roading.  I have to admit that in my early years of selling off-road products to the automotive aftermarket, I had little first hand experience with them. For this reason I sympathize with anyone who doesn’t understand this next product at first glance.  A soft shackle is designed to connect a vehicle in need of recovery help to the winch lead attempting to free it.  Soft shackles are far less likely to cause damage while winching, yet make no sacrifice in strength as compared to steel. You can also put a soft shackle in spots where a traditional steel D-ring just wont fit.  They’re super light and easy to stow when not in use.

FX Products offers two new part numbers here. The WA042 has a red protective sleeve, and the WA043 has a black sleeve.  Both boast 30,000 lbs. break strength, tough enough to pull a full size truck from a mud hole. Both are sold in pairs.

Off-Road Essentials
Off-Road Essentials


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