Factor 55 UltraHook & Fast Fid

Factor 55 is a name that off-roaders associate with innovative and trail-tested recovery products.  Jeepers rejoice as their extensive line of winching tools and accessories just got a bit larger.  Introducing the Factor 55 UltraHook and Fast Fid.

Factor 55 UltraHook

The folks at Factor 55 preach “Closed System Winching”.  Anyone who has used their winch knows that standard hooks work better with chains rather than rope. Hooks are common weak points in winching since standard safety latches are often crudely constructed.  Load shifts during winch pulls are a common factor in failure and breakage which can leave you stuck or even injured.

The Factor 55 UltraHook touts a shackle mount hole machined into the body, as well a redesigned hook. Providing the ultimate in convenience and safety on the trail.

Other features include a titanium double shear pin, fairlead protection by way of EPDM rubber pads, and a unique finger grip which helps the user properly line the hook up in the correct direction.  When not in use, the UltraHook can be stored against your fairlead, eliminating direct metal to metal connection.  No wonder they call it “The World’s Safest Winch Hook.”

Fast Fid

Stop tying knots in your synthetic rope to fix them–it reduces rope strength up to 65%.  The Fast Fid is the easiest and most secure way to splice or repair synthetic winch lines.   Rope repair that used to take a half hour or more, now takes just minutes.

The 2-piece design requires no other tools and can be stored easily within your vehicle.  Crafted from billet aluminum and etched with a handy measuring scale, the Fast Fid is a must for the off-roaders using synthetic rope.

And like all Factor 55 products, the UltraHook and Fast Fid are proudly designed and made in the USA.


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