Enhance the Driving Experience with Aftermarket Seating

If you’re looking to get that loved one the perfect gift for their winter project this holiday season, then let’s talk about seating. It’s hard to believe how overlooked seating can be considering it’s such a fundamental part of the driving experience. The truth is that most guys are thinking about performance and mechanical componentry as opposed to comfort. Get your loved one comfy in their prized ride with aftermarket seating brands like Cobra, Bride, Sparco, Corbeau, Recaro, Kirkey, Scat, and RCI.

From Entry Level to High-End Aftermarket Seating

The ride itself plays a big part is what aftermarket seating is best. For instance, you’re not going to want to throw high-end or bulky leather seats in a car that may not have the room to accept it, or that has been stripped inside and out in order to cut off some extra weight. We’re here to help by breaking this topic into three distinct categories.

Basic Upgrade

For arguments sake, we’re going to classify entry-level seating as the most basic seating option that provides drivers with the bare minimum upgrade. These may be simple plastic seats, metal with no padding, or zero comfort features built in. These are very primitive in design, which begs the question where in the world these seats would be useful. Well, in racing applications or very crude builds.

How do you know if these are the right sets for the ride? Look at the interior of the car or truck. If it’s stripped to nothing, fully caged where room is very limited, or someone is building on a budget with an “anything to get it done” mindset, then entry level is likely the way to go.


Racing seats that are similar to entry-level design but also offer basic bucket seats fall into the mid-level category. These options may be similar to the entry-level seats in style, except with some padding and comfort built into them. This type is very popular for import cars and sport compact. That isn’t to say that they don’t have their place amongst other applications. These seats are perfect for certain builds that need to save on space and weight, but also desire a little added comfort, too. Classic rides where purism isn’t important, hot jeeps, or any sort of build similar to such examples really cry out for something like mid-level bucket seats. It may be tempting to get the racing seats because they look cooler at first glance, but they’ll stick out like a sore thumb in the wrong application.

High End

You get what you pay for, and so high-end seating will have a little bit of everything. This category includes preferred racing seats, suspension seats, and bucket seats from a dream. Such racing seats will be, again, very similar to the previous options we outlined, but they’ll have even more style and support for serious applications. Serious applications are easy enough to spot and a professional can help you match up a high-end option with the right vehicle application. Suspension seats are perfect for off-road applications, where spinal compression would ideally be minimized.

But at the end of the day, take a closer look at the build itself, scour the forums, and don’t be afraid to ask a professional’s help in the decision process. 

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