End Your Weight Problem – Air Lift’s LoadLIFTER 7500 XL™ Air Springs

Hauling the Heavy Loads

Since 1949, Air Lift company has been developing the load support suspension products depended on by professionals and enthusiasts.  In the 1950s they pioneered the use of air spring inserts in coil springs.  As trucks got bigger and more capable, the payloads they carried grew heavier.  Today’s 3/4 and 1-ton trucks are veritable monsters compared to the trucks of 50 years ago. However Air Lift has kept pace and has recently introduced their strongest air spring kit to date, the LoadLIFTER 7500 XL™.

LoadLIFTER 7500 XL

Squatter’s Wrongs

Carrying a heavy load or towing a 5th wheel or gooseneck trailer can really weigh a truck down. “Squat” occurs when the rear of the truck sits lower than the front, under the weight of such loads.  Squat doesn’t just look funny, and can actually be a harmful or dangerous situation.  Poor or uneven weight distribution can interfere with proper braking and accelerate tire wear.  Squat causes a truck’s headlights to aim higher than normal, robbing the driver of critical visibility.  Air Lift’s LoadLIFTER springs can be adjusted to accept the tongue weight of a trailer and eliminate squat. The 7500 XL boasts up to 7,500 lbs. of leveling capacity.

LoadLIFTER 7500 XL

Sway Ban, for Wayfarers

Towing that heavy camper or trailer to your Summer getaway destination? Hauling Always Dreaming to the Preakness to continue his quest for the Triple Crown? Improper load hight can lead to trailer sway. Broken dishes or a little bit of horsey-hurl could be the least of your problems when a trailer starts to sway. LoadLIFTER air springs permit precise height adjustment for the heaviest of loads. This allows for exact alignment and eliminates sway.

LoadLIFTER 7500 XL Features:

  • Up to 20% more air spring volume than LoadLifter 5000™ air springs
  • Air Lift-exclusive upper and lower roll plates protect the air springs from possible abrasion and increase load capacity up to 10%
  • Most kits use the existing holes in the vehicle’s frame for a bolt-on installation – no drilling required!
  • Easy to install with illustrated installation manual
  • End caps made of ultra high-strength, corrosion-proof, nylon composite which is as strong as steel but weighs less and will not rust
  • All kits are compatible with most 5th wheel and gooseneck hitches


2011-2017 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD 4WD 57538
2011-2017 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 HD 4WD 57538
2003-2013 Dodge RAM 2500 4WD 57595
2003-2017 Dodge RAM 3500 4WD 57595
2011-2016 Ford F-250 Super Duty Pickup 4WD 57596
2011-2016 Ford F-350 Super Duty Pickup 4WD 57596
2017 Ford F-250 Super Duty Pickup 4WD 57599
2017 Ford F-350 Super Duty Pickup 4WD 57599
2017 Ford F-450 Super Duty Pickup 4WD 57599
2011-2017 GMC Sierra 2500 HD 4WD 57538
2011-2017 GMC Sierra 3500 HD 4WD 57538


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