Dura Grip Positraction By Yukon Gear

Ok, so this isn’t exactly new.  But it’s really the BEST IN CLASS and there is a killer rebate going on.  The Dura Grip positraction differential is yet another rock-solid, standard-setting product by Yukon Gear.  It provides smooth yet aggressive traction for both off- and on-street use.

The steel clutch plates, half of which are covered with a friction lining material, are sandwiched behind the differential side gears inside the carrier housing. These plates are alternately tabbed to the carrier or splined to the axle shaft. The tabbed pieces are called plates and the splines are called discs. The side gears are preloaded with springs placed between the side gears.  This preload provides greater traction to both axles. In a turning situation, the Dura Grip allows a speed differential mostly
because the torque loads will be low enough to allow the differential to operate.


Dura Grip Positraction Features

  • Aggressive 4 spring, composite clutch style positraction
  • Provides smooth operation with strong lock-up ability to transfer torque to the tire with the most traction
  • Internal gears are manufactured from forged 4320 steel to increase strength and resilience
  • Rebuildable: allows modification or repair normal wear without having to incur the cost of a brand new unit
  • Customizable by application – full product listing
  • 1-year warranty
  • Tested and assembled in the USA!

Check out this instructional video on installation:

Fun Fact:  The term “positraction” was originally used by General Motors for their limited slip differential. 

Technical Notes: Yukon recommends the use of high grade GL-5 gear oil and Yukon LSD (Limited Slip Differential) additive for long life and smooth operation. Part number OILADD.

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