PRO Guard HD – New Diesel Fuel Booster from aFe POWER

Those that opt to drive a diesel truck make a conscious decision to do so because of the benefits that diesel engines offer: better fuel economy, greater power and increased torque.  However, those benefits come at a price.  Daily diesel maintenance is more expensive, repairs are more costly and good techs are hard to find.  Diesel drivers are wise to seek any edge to help their rig running at peak tune.  One such edge, the new diesel fuel booster from aFe POWER, will be available soon to answer the call.

An innovator in diesel fuel delivery and performance, aFe Power introduces it’s first-ever fuel additive, PRO Guard HD.  PRO Guard HD’s highly concentrated formula is designed to treat up to 100 gallons of diesel.  The manufacturer recommends an initial dose of a full bottle added to a full fuel tank.  In addition, PRO Guard HD can  be used as a continual treatment, by simply adding 1/3 bottle to each fill-up.

Because diesel engines bring their own special set of baggage, aFe designed PRO Guard HD to be the perfect Bellhop to handle it.  Most noteworthy is the Cetane Maximizer, which can help the engine make more power and lower emissions.  Another special lubricant helps keep injectors and the High Pressure Pump (HPP) running smooth. Yet another includes fuel stabilizers help to reduce your fuel degradation over time and fight rust and corrosion. Lastly, an anti-gel additive combats clogging in fuel lines, tanks and filters and improves flow in all temperatures.

One bottle, and then a third of a bottle thereafter, yields better power, better fuel economy and less trips to the diesel doctor.  Perhaps you should ask your diesel tech for a bottle? Better yet, just grunt and hand over this cheat-sheet.

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