DeeZee: OE-Finish With Aftermarket Flair

Let me start off by saying: DeeZee is a heavy hitter. You see, there are a lot of aftermarket suppliers making car and truck accessories. And, yeah, Joe Schmo up the street may trust unheard names, but do you really want to take his word for it? Why don’t you ask some more reputable brands who they lean on? Companies like Ford, GM, Chrysler, Honda, Nissan, Subaru, and Toyota? They all use DeeZee accessories as original equipment.

What’s in a Name?

So why do major automakers place their trust in DeeZee? The company has been in the biz since 1977. And over the past 40 years, it has consistently developed top-quality parts with original designs to complement any application. Primarily known for manufacturing products such as side steps, bull bars, bed mats, tailgate assists, and tool boxes, the company actually services a variety of markets—from commercial fleets to outdoor enthusiasts.

And just because DeeZee is well-liked by OEMs doesn’t mean you’ll be saddled with some run-of-the-mill, mass-produced part that makes your vehicle look like everything else on the road. In fact, DeeZee has many options to make your ride pop, including two new hot products: the Hex Series Side Step and Louvered Sports Bar.

Hex Series Side Steps

There are a lot of traditional designs in the automotive world. (Let’s face it, when something works you roll with it. I mean, it’s just good business, right?) A major tradition is for side steps to be tubular in shape. It’s a straightforward design and goes over well with the masses. DeeZee is breaking that very tradition by bringing its Hex Series side steps to the table.

As the name would imply, these steps are hexagonal in shape. The six hard sides essentially beef up a tubular design, giving it a more aggressive appearance. Trapezoidal designs are available, but they lack the rugged style much of the off-road truck community is craving. And that’s exactly the segment DeeZee is aiming to capture with these steps. In fact, the Hex side steps can be paired with DeeZee’s truck racks and side rails with a similar design to really bring the look and feel home.

The DeeZee Hex Series Side Step breaks the normal tradition of tubular design steps to bring something more rugged to the table.

The Hex Series side steps can be purchased in three finishes: silver, gloss black, and textured black. Naturally, they can be purchased in three different lengths that are suitable for single cab, extended cab, and crew cab configurations. For the most part, there is no drilling but some applications may require it for fitment. Constructed of extruded aluminum, the Hex steps can be paired with optional drop steps for those seeking a lower platform.

Louvered Sport Bar

Delivering both form and function, sports bars are a popular add-on for many enthusiasts looking for a stylish place to mount auxiliary lights. DeeZee’s newest offering is the perfect blend of retro and modern. Heavy duty steel tubing finished with a rugged-textured black powder coat is complemented by cool louvered side panels that give an aggressive and aerodynamic look. (A significant improvement over other companies’ over-the-top designs.)

The DeeZee Louvered Sports Bar blends retro and modern style with prime functionality.

This unit comes with a third brake light built in, with wiring included, and an easy mounting track for auxiliary lights or an LED light bar. The DeeZee louvered sports bar does require drilling for installing.

Quality and Confidence

Let’s wrap it up by mentioning all products are proudly made in the USA, and the company also backs its products with a limited lifetime warranty. These qualities, along with a top design and homegrown production, are part of what makes DeeZee the choice of accessories fitted to some of the top auto manufacturers in the world.

So why not make it yours?

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