Decked’s Full-Size Solution for Mid-Size Trucks

Decked has heard the masses clamoring for a mid-size unit since they launched their line of truck storage a few years back.  And a mid-size offering certainly makes sense.  New truck buyers who like the versatility a pickup brings don’t necessarily need a Crew Cab Silverado with an 8.0′ bed.  Plus, with much-improved gas mileage, smaller trucks are persuading those who may have previously considered a sedan or SUV.  It’s a similar thought process to buying a crossover–utility, capability, and ride height are winning folks over.  And after going through the painful process of moving last week, I must say that I will put a few trucks on my next vehicle shortlist.   And it’s not just a male thing anymore.  My Facebook feed is filled with women who’ve made the switch to a pickup–and I applaud them. It’s a smart choice,  and c’mon, who doesn’t like a chick in a truck?

Why do I need one?

So we can agree that mid-size trucks are super functional.  But add a Decked unit, and it transforms into a swiss-army knife of usability!  The mid-size release makes units available to Tacoma, Colorado, Canyon, and Frontier owners.  And with smaller pickups in the works from Ford, Jeep, and others, I’m sure additional applications won’t be too far behind their future release.

Since the launch of the original Decked units, I found enjoyment in seeing what people used their drawers for:

  • Hunt or fish?  The Decked Drawers work wonderfully for storing your firearms, rods, ammo, and bait while still providing the rigidity to haul your ATV, Bike, or Boat on top.
  • The camping and rapidly growing overlanding segment are also ripe to benefit from Decked units, as setting up and tearing down your site (the least fun part about spending time in the great outdoors) is now a breeze.
  • Tailgating…need I say more?
  • My favorite use?  Coming from a wintersports background, the worst thing about heading to the mountain with a truck is leaving your equipment exposed in the bed.  Why waste time and money you spent tuning and waxing your gear by having it slide around the coarse texture of a truck bed?  The surface of the Decked unit can be used as an anchor point for popular ski and bike rack systems, while your boots, poles, and apparel are safe from the elements and theft inside the Decked drawers.

I can’t wait to see what great uses people find for these mid-sized units! I’m sure I’ll be able to spot a few at the slopes or the stadium, but where else?  Only time will tell what people will fit in their drawers. 😉


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