Dana-Spicer is LEGEN…Wait for It…DARY

The Dana-Spicer name is synonymous with proven quality ever since Clarence Spicer invented the first universal joint in 1904. As it applies to the explosive Jeep® market, the company has been producing trusted parts for 75 years and counting. So it goes without saying, a name like Dana-Spicer is LEDEN… wait for it… DARY! Oh, Barney Stinson, you never leave us without a quote.

Dana-Spicer understands what it means to push the boundaries, from punishing speeds at the circle track to brutal conditions off-road. Enthusiasts demand performance parts that are engineered for optimum strength and durability; this helps to minimize operating costs and downtime over the life of a vehicle. And for them, only Dana-Spicer will do—the most trusted name in high-performance driveline components.

High-Performance Parts

“From performance spools and axle vent bladders to shocks and axle shafts, Spicer parts deliver when it matters the most. In addition, we offer a range of easy repair options that get you back in action quickly and easily. Check out our axle lock sensors and performance gaskets and you’ll see what we mean,” said Dana-Spicer. “Our Ultimate Dana 60™ and Ultimate Dana 44™ axles feature the modifications that Jeep® Wrangler® JK enthusiasts have been making for years. From durable chromoly axle shafts and nodular iron diff covers to massive Spicer SPL® 70 u-joints and Spicer® 10″ ring and pinion gearing, these axles help you take on tough terrain,” added the company.

Most important, these products are designed to go wherever limits are tested and parts are proven. With the innovative new Dana Crate Axle™ program, consumers receive the original equipment quality they demand from genuine Dana axles straight out of the box; it’s all about providing users with a competitive edge. “We engineer our parts to deliver peak performance and max strength, so you can hit the road, the track, or the trail with the confidence that comes from knowing you are backed by the industry leaders in high-performance parts,” said Dana-Spicer.

Unleash the strength, power, and endurance your vehicle deserves with a brand name like Dana-Spicer.

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