Covercraft True Timber Camo SeatSaver™

Protecting your truck seats from the rigors of every-day use is a must. The repeated “in and out” that work truck seats (and even non-work truck) see can really wear out your factory seat material. Spills and exposure to grease and grime can leave stains that are tough to deal with. If you use your truck like it was intended, you need seat covers. Covercraft has been providing the standard in seat protection for many years now, in the form of the SeatSaver™ line of vehicle-specific, custom fit seat covers. Recently they have made available exclusively through Keystone Automotive the popular True Timber® camo patterns.

True Timber SeatSaver™

True Timber SeatSaver™ can be purchased through Keystone’s network of dealers in thousands of year, make and model specific applications, with coverage for front, second and third row seating. The beauty of the SeatSavers™ is that they protect the interior as well as complement it. Conceal Brown, Conceal Green, Flooded Timber,and 3D Image patterns of True Timber are available now.

True Timber Seatsaver

SeatSaver™ Benefits

Covering your truck seats with True Timber SeatSaver™ covers can help reduce fleet maintenance cost. They are super easy to remove, and toss in a standard washing machine. They will keep your truck seats in like-new condition while adding style to your interior. If you’re a fan of True Timber Camo, then call your local truck outfitter and ask them if they are a Keystone Automotive dealer. If they are, they will have access to the exclusive availability to these popular camo patterns.


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