Up your Game with an Air Design Body Kit

A new truck is a blank canvas.  For some, it’s a canvas that will never see an aftermarket brush stroke–but that’s just not you.  We’re here because as auto enthusiasts, we consider ‘stock’ to be a bad word.  The two hands you possess can paint any number of stories, with any number of colors, and with any number of mediums.  Because if you’re a car guy or gal, having a nice truck is not good enough–it needs to look a little cooler, go a little faster, and perform a little better than your neighbor’s. The folks at Air Design have the paint to fill your blank canvas.  Time to channel your inner Bob Ross with the beautiful Complete Air Design Body System.


Don’t think of this ‘body system’ as those flimsy stick on pieces popular back when the early Fast and the Furious movies were released.  No, no, no, these are tasteful, refined and complement the styling lines of your truck.  Every custom Air Design Body System has been thoroughly designed to reach the pinnacle of style, function, and durability.  Air Design Body System and Interior Protection are based on SUPER R.I.M. overmolding proprietary technology which incorporates high impact multi-layer polymers, and high pressure Injection Molding Polyurethanes.


Each Kit Includes (may vary by application)

  • OE Style Bumper Guard
  • Door Rocker Panel
  • Fender Flare Set
  • Fender Vent Set
  • Floor Liner Set
  • Hood Scoop
  • Tailgate Applique (smooth or recessed)
  • Tailgate Spoiler

Air Design 17 piece

All parts are sold individually as well, so if you want to mix and match–have at it!  It’s your canvas, paint it just the way you want!

Air Design Fender Flare

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