Competition Corner: A Peek at Pikes Peak, Carlisle, Formula 1, and More

Welcome to the Competition Corner, a new monthly column in which we, auto enthusiasts, give you, our fellow car lovers, the rundown on what’s what in the world of upcoming events across the country. From Pikes Peak to the New Jersey Jeep Invasion, Carlisle Nationals to Formula 1, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Because if there’s one thing we’ve learned over the years, it’s that car culture is meant to shared. So, if you’re eager and ready to get out and experience the action, check out these must-see listings below!

Formula Drift

The time is now! Round 4 of Formula Drift is hitting Wall, New Jersey on Friday, June 1st and Saturday, June 2nd. Friday, spectators will be able to watch the pros make their practice rounds and qualify. And Saturday will consist of two main events—the first being for the top 32 drivers and the second for the top 16. There will be high-powered cars… they will be sideways… and you will be left feeling astonished.

New England Forest Rally

It’s fast, it’s dirty, it’s intense—and it’s hitting New England. July 20-21st, the New England Forest Rally will be hosted in Newry, Maine. Spectators will get the opportunity to watch speed-thirsty drivers rip through dirt and gravel logging tracks amid the picturesque backdrop of Western Maine and Northern New Hampshire. The official schedule is still in the works but for those interested, they can follow up via this link.

New Jersey Jeep Invasion

The New Jersey Boardwalk—who hasn’t heard of it? We all know the vendors, the sounds of the ocean, the happy people, the amusing seagulls, the Jeeps… Wait, the Jeeps? That’s right! The New Jersey Jeep Invasion hits the shore in Wildwood, NJ on June 15th-17th. With 300 Jeeps, suppliers like Teraflex, and even an obstacle course, what kind of Jeep enthusiast would risk missing out?

Carlisle Auto Events

The Carlisle Nationals are known to bring together Ford, Mopar, and Chevy guys from all around the country. With twelve automotive-themed shows and four auctions every year, including hundreds of family-fun activities and a massive swap meet, Carlisle Events are worth every highway mile it takes to get there. Fairground events run year-round and attract enthusiasts, clubs, and collectors from all over the world. Parking information and camping reservations, along with schedule of events are available here.


H2Oi is one of the most well-known automobile events on the east coast, and one of the largest VW/Audi events in the world. Always drawing a crowd of impressive but often illegally-modified rides, H20i has gotten a bad rap with both the press and the Ocean City Maryland Police Department. However this shouldn’t represent the actual intentions of its organizers. For 20 years, H20i has been held on high by enthusiasts all over the globe and has brought together a widespread community of auto lovers with a shared passion. As of now, the event schedule is still to be announced, but rumor has it the rebirth is coming. Keep up with any announcements by clicking here.

Historic Trans Am Races

Trans Am racing was responsible for birthing some of the most iconic cars in history. Nowadays, this type of racing still lives on but, of course, is dominated by late model cars. This group of enthusiasts goes against the grain by running classic hot rods on legendary courses. And as fate would have it, these guys race all over the country. So, if you want a taste of the glory days and an opportunity to watch the cars that defined an era, check out the list of events here.

Pikes Peak

Need I say more? Pikes Peak is one of the most intense summits imaginable—the highest, in fact, of the southern Front Range of the Rocky Mountains. And the Broadmoor Pikes Peak International Hill Climb (PPIHC) is one of the most intense and mesmerizing races in the world. With 156 turns and an ascent of 4,270 feet, competitors are pushed to the limits across 12.42 miles and through continuously thinning mountain air. The “Race to the Clouds” takes place on June 24th, so check out the event’s homepage on how to purchase tickets for one of the oldest and most diverse motorsports events in the world!

Unlimited Off-Road Show

The BFGoodrich Tires Unlimited Off-Road Show is truly an accumulation of all things off-road. Bringing together buggies, Jeeps, trucks, and UTVs, the event will feature major names and insane builds. Additionally, industry vendors will be shelling out some amazing deals during the event. The event is set for June 1st-2nd in Louisville, KY. Tickets are on sale now so follow this link to get yours now!

Speed Week

All auto events are a declaration of the bond between man and machine, but Speed Week takes it a step further. The salt flats are the sacred proving grounds where we as an industry learned everything there is to know about high speed. Speed Week brings people from all over the world together to battle it out in an effort to set land speed records. For entry and scheduling for the week of August 11th-17th, follow this link.

Goodguys Autocross Events

Autocross events are a great way for drivers to hone their close-quarters driving skills. Perhaps the most well-known events are those hosted by the Goodguys Rod & Custom Association. Drivers from all over the country attend these competitions for short-burst, high-paced action. Goodguys’ events take place year round all across the country, and often span either two or three days. So, if you’re ready to hit the track and put your skills to the test check out their homepage for any upcoming opportunities.

Formula 1 Grand Prix

You can’t talk about some of the best automotive events in the world and leave out Formula 1. These are the best drivers in the world, paired with the greatest vehicles mankind has ever built, all in the name of precision driving. Circuit of the Americas doesn’t take place until October, which gives you plenty of time to plan your trip to spectate on the glory that is F1.

What’s on your list for this summer? Tell us in the comments below!

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