More Additions: CCI’s Impostor Wheel Skins

We’ve all done it.  We’re parallel parking in a busy part of town and get a little too close to the curb.  Maybe the space is just a little too small or you’re afraid of leaving the driver’s side of your car too far out into the street.  But we realize our gaffe when hearing that unmistakable grind.  Everyone has those one or two sounds that drop our hearts to our feet–a door creaking when you think you’re alone, unexpected footsteps, a Furby waking up in the middle of the night.  But for us enthusiasts, one sound is much more gruesome than the rest.  The sound of your wheel scraping a curb.  You love your car, and you’re a great diver…how could you let this happen?  Not to fear, CCI has a solution to get that wheel back to its former OE glory, the Impostor Wheel Skin.

My eyes are bleeding!

Sure there are a few methods of repair using sandpaper, filler, and paint.  But ain’t nobody got time for that.  And having to get all new wheels shouldn’t be the penalty for a small lapse in parking judgment.  You need a quick but comprehensive fix to save your wheels and your dignity.  That fix is the Impostor Wheel Skin.  Just line it up and snap it down.  No one will ever know about that late-night curb rash from the Burger King drive-thru.

What’s a wheel skin?

Essentially, wheel skins are aftermarket clads (wheels liners) that are constructed of durable automotive-grade ABS – designed and manufactured to simulate and overlay stock OE wheels. Take them out of the box and install in literally seconds. More than 100+ part numbers in chrome, gloss black, carbon, and ‘brass monkey’ (depending upon the application) are available. “Impostor wheel skins provide the easiest and most cost-effective way to upgrade the trim level appearance of a vehicle. And they look like an OEM product once installed,” said Kurt Kruse, Marketing Director.

Kurt’s right–the Wheel Skins you choose don’t need to be what’s already on your vehicle.  If you’re a consumer or dealer looking to get that higher-end trim appearance, these are an inexpensive way to do so.  Have chrome wheels, but want black?  Vice-versa?  Don’t shell out hundreds for new wheels and DON’T try to rattle-can it yourself.  Whether it’s due to damage, color, finish, or overall style, the Impostor Skins have you and your wheels covered.

Take a look at some of their newer offerings for the Toyota Highlander, and watch how easy they are to install:


Visit the CCI website to see the entire line, plus other restyling accessories:

Check out their YouTube Channel: 


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